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Trail Run Mag was the first in Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and Asia) to be dedicated to the rising pursuit of trail running. The magazine was made available solely as a digital download, with more than 168,000 copies downloaded and read to date.

After publishing digitally for 21 editions and five years, Trail Run Mag became Australia’s first print magazine dedicated to the trail running lifestyle, in November 2016.

In a Back to the Future moment, publishers Adventure Types moved to a print quarterly  in response to a growing call for a physical magazine by its dedicated readership.

TRAIL RUN Edition 40

Trail Run Magazine is Australia and New Zealand’s original and best, grassroots, mud-encrusted, dirty-kneed trail running mag. With no hint of boring bitumen, we are entirely devoted to the dirty art of trail running. If it’s through forest, up mountains, across deserts, wild and adrenaline-pumping, we’ll cover it! Trail Run Mag is for anyone who wants to feel part of a community of people who love running in spectacular terrain. Packed with features, interviews, gear reviews, event previews, trail porn and more, Trail Run Mag will inspire you to live a little more wildly! 

Edition 40 features:

  • Call of the Wild
  • The Rise of the White Kenyan
  • The Race with no Finish Line
  • Cape to Cape Crusader
  • Fierce Female Line-up
  • RunNation Film Tour Program
  • Tuff Stuff
  • Trail Run Mag's 10th Birthday
  • Running Like a Nutr



RUN LIKE A GIRL: Female runners have been making headlines in the past couple of years for outlasting men in endurance events. It seems the longer, the better. As a result, theories regarding women’s ability to go that extra mile have been touted, with many believing that although men have a need for speed, women can go the distance. In the end, does it even really matter? Vera Alves talks to the women who are outlasting the men to find out more – and looks into the science of what makes women so good at endurance running.

ROCKY RUAHINE HIGH: The mighty Ruahine Range rises sharply on the North Island of New Zealand, offering sublime views for those daring enough to tackle it. Eleanor Arnst and Katie Wright were two such daredevils – in fact, they were the first people to complete the often untracked 92.5km Ruahine Traverse CL (Comet Hut to Limestone) in one single mission. Eleanor writes about the duo’s extraordinary adventure on this seriously rugged route.
WESTERN STARS: Michael Hooker and Margie Hadley are two exceptional ultra runners – and both are from Western Australia. Not only did they take the challenges of 2020 in their strides, but they have also overcome significant personal challenges to claim the titles of 2020 Australian Male and Female Ultra Runners of the Year, writes Kate Dzienis, from the Australian Ultra Runners Association.

END-TO-ENDURANCE MISSION: Piotr Babis decided to celebrate the end of his two years living and working in Tasmania not by having a few drinks at the pub, but by running the length of the island state. Although setting an FKT on the 470km Tasmanian Trail wasn’t his main goal, it sure was on his mind – even as he helped clear the track after running 450km so that his bogged support vehicle could pass through…  

NORTHERN EXPOSURE: Adventurers Luen Warneke and Jodie Rummer spend their weekends exploring the hidden gems of Townsville and North Queensland. Realizing that not many locals were aware of what was on their doorstep, they created Wanderstories, now a thriving online community for outdoor explorers – and trail runners like you.

SOLID GOLD: In 2020, three mates – Ross McPhee, Simon Austin, and John Robinson – attempted to set the fastest known time on the Goldfields Track: a 200km point-to-point trail linking the historic gold rush towns of Ballarat and Bendigo in central Victoria. Of course, not all went to plan. John Robinson writes of their adventure.  

O’REILLY'S TO THE ROCK: Yearning for a bit of adventure and mateship, in mid-2020, six dads embarked on an incredible self-styled quest. Dubbed O’Reilly’s to the Rock, the 19-hour trail run not only linked some of the most iconic scenery in the Gold Coast Hinterland but the hearts and minds of the friends who conquered it writes Kierun Douglass. 

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