Henty 20L Day Pack
This daypack features an innovative design and tough, military-grade components to withstand the hardest yards. It's ideal for cycling, the gym, or commuting. This Henty 20L day pack has unique easy access, allowing for easy unpacking and packing. This 20-litre backpack...
Henty Wingman Backpack
The Wingman Backpack is a multi-purpose suit and garment bag that enables easy and versatile all weather commuting and travel. It allows you to transport work attire such as business suits, dresses, shirts or a uniform, plus your laptop and other...
Henty Travel Brief
The Travel Brief is a stylish compact multi-purpose bag for all your business or leisure travel requirements. For business travellers, the Travel Brief enables easy transitioning through checkpoints and terminals while maintaining a stylish aesthetic in the office and meetings....
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