Black Diamond Rubber Pole Tip Protectors
Our Trekking Pole Tip Protector adds grip and reduces noise and terrain scarring while on the trail. Sold in pairs.
Black Diamond Distance Carbon FLZ Poles
Combining ultralight carbon construction with Z-Pole technology and FlickLock® adjustability, now 30% stiffer and more durable. The Black Diamond Distance Carbon FLZ is the premium pole for fully adjustable, folding performance. FEATURES Improved joint support and stiffness Lightweight, EVA foam grip...
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles
Black Diamond's lightest Z-Pole is built for mountain athletes and weight conscious adventurers. The Distance Carbon Z is now stronger with improved joint support and more durable, making it the ultimate in folding-pole performance. FEATURES Improved joint support and stiffness...
Black Diamond Tech Tips (Carbide)
For added bite on hard or slippery surfaces, the Black Diamond Carbide Tech-Tips provide durable and secure performance. Works as replacement tip for our Spring 2012 and later only trekking poles and all model Z-poles. Does not work with First...
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