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“Our vision is for everyone to find their feet - to inspire action and contribution whilst honouring nature’s economy”

Find Your Feet services:

Find Your Feet mission:

There is no better place to instigate our mission than from our wild playground of Tasmania:

  • To inspire action by contributing the highest quality outdoors products, knowledge and experiences with the least environmental harm.
  • To facilitate exploration in the natural environment, especially in Tasmania.
  • To catalyse personal discovery & inspired actions by connecting people, communities & place.

Seriously Wild values:

  • Contribution: To work as a team with humility & purpose to create inspired actions for the benefit of individuals, communities & the natural world around us.
  • Tasmania: We are proudly Tasmanian and make it our purpose to inspire & assist everyone to explore one of the wildest places on earth.  
  • Environment:  To respect our natural world by choosing to provide only the highest quality equipment and apparel that is made to last and where possible, with the least environmental harm.
  • Inspired Action:  To share amazing stories that can inspire, educate & catalyse us all into action... stories that will help us find our feet
  • Inclusivity: EVERYONE is ready and able to find their feet and stay on their feet.


    Environmental Statement:

    We believe the retail industry needs to rapidly clean up its act.  Driven by price, the industry has disregarded the natural and social economies.  Our Team believes that products need to be designed to last, constructed ethically, be purchased for a reason, and respected for their functional lifetime.  

    At Find Your Feet we are mindful of the environment and to the people who make our products.  We endeavour to provide equipment & apparel that will embrace our adventures in five, ten or even twenty years time.

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