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We are a multi-faceted independent company that is devoted to providing an exceptional retail experience and quality education to empower our community to find their feet. We love and respect the outdoors, and are constantly striving towards assisting others to find their wildest self. At our core, we are a local Tasmanian company with a knowledgeable and playful team that is driven to encourage and enable others, both locally and nationally, to build and expand their sense of adventure and curiosity of the outdoors.


To inspire the adventurous into the outdoors by providing inclusive education coupled with innovative, high-quality products and service that will help you to:
  • Be WilderTo discover & empower yourself, and then be willing to grow.
  • Play Wilder To play with curiosity and explore further.
  • Perform Wilder To action your potential.
  • … to help you to find your feet.


  • Quality: To provide the highest quality and innovative products, service & education.
  • Environment: To develop inspiration from Tasmania, one of the wildest remaining places on earth.  
  • Inspiration: To share knowledge and stories that can catalyse us all to find our feet.
  • Inclusivity: EVERYONE is ready and able to find their feet.
  • Team: With humility and professionalism, we create together.




    We believe the retail industry needs to rapidly clean up its act.  Driven by price, the industry has disregarded the natural and social economies.  Our Team believes that products need to be designed to last, constructed ethically, be purchased for a reason, and respected for their functional lifetime.  
    At Find Your Feet we are mindful of the environment and to the people who make our products.  We endeavour to provide equipment & apparel that will embrace our adventures in five, ten or even twenty years’ time.


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