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Our Story

Find Your Feet was born in 2009 from a spark of inspiration to help people to find their feet. With a background in elite orienteering, marathon and trail running, our founder, Hanny Allston, was inspired to bridge the knowledge and support gap between elite athletes and the every day Australians also striving to grow, play & perform wilder. From adult running classes, to life coaching and later trail running camps and tours, Find Your Feet has emerged into a multifaceted, award-winning Tasmanian-based company with arms in coaching, trail running tourism and outdoor adventure retail.

In 2014, Hanny joined forces with her husband as co-directors and they have lead their Team into more and more endeavours - 

"We did not set out to run a business. We grew within our means, fuelled by an absolute belief in wanting to offer our community an active, outdoor and wilder way of life. We also saw Hobart as the Chamonix of Tasmania, a recreational paradise of Australia, and wanted to showcase this to the world."

The Find Your Feet Tours have been hosted by Hanny, Graham and a Team of coaches and guides since 2015. With trail-running holidays in Tasmania and overseas, these tours facilitate a plethora of runners from all different ages and experience levels to explore wilder parts of the world, themselves, and their love of the trails. 

In 2018 Find Your Feet was awarded the Tasmanian Telstra Small Business of the Year. In 2019 they opened their second store in Launceston, Tasmania.

"We truly believe that whilst we feel like we are only just starting, we are already so proud of just how far we have come since Day One - Hanny's adult running classes in the parks of Hobart. Most importantly, we have maintained our own husband-wife relationship and outdoor lifestyle through all of this which fuels our creative ideas, connection to the community and belief in ourselves."

About Us

We are an independent Tasmanian company committed to providing exceptional outdoor retail, trail running tourism & educational experiences to empower our community to find their feet. 


Wilder places need wilder people. We exist to facilitate this and help us all to grow, play & perform wilder... to find our feet.

    Our Values

    • REDISCOVER - The childlike awe of the wilder world and its role in our growth and development. 
    • RESPECT – The interwoven nature of stories, both ours and the wilder world that supports us. 
    • REFLECT - Learn from the past and implement for the present to enhance our future. 
    • RE-EMPOWER – The child within you - always curious, seeking, striving, and playing wilder.
    • RECIPROCATE – Give back with abundance, to others and the wilder world. 

    Our Environment

    We believe the retail industry needs to rapidly clean up its act.  Driven by price, the industry has disregarded the natural and social economies.  Our Team believes that products need to be designed to last, constructed ethically, be purchased for a reason, and respected for their functional lifetime. At Find Your Feet we are mindful of the environment and to the people who make our products.  We endeavour to provide equipment & apparel that will embrace our adventures in five, ten or even twenty years’ time to have an overall positive impact on society and the environment. 

    Find Your Feet Trail Running Tasmania

    We are proud to be named:
    The 2018 Tasmanian Small & Succeeding Business Award Winner 
    Find Your Feet Telstra Small Business Award Winner