Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash
Use sparingly! Wilderness Wash goes a long, long way and is gentle on fabrics but effective on stains. Multi-purpose outdoor was concentrate that can be used as body soap/shampoo, clothes detergent and dishwashing detergent. Most importantly it is Australian made...
from $4.95
Sea To Summit Toiletry Bag
For the weight conscious traveller prepared to minimise toiletry needs the TravellingLight™ Toiletry Bags are for you. Weighing just 40g for the small and 51g for the large size these bags are also strong and water resistant to make sure...
from $27.95
Sea To Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag
These versatile Hanging Toiletry Bags with Mirror provide a great way to keep all of your toiletry essentials at your fingertips whether you are taking a shower in the great outdoors or in a five star hotel. Contents are easily...
from $39.95
Sea To Summit Liquid Hand Cleaning Gel
Ensure you always arrive fresh, clean and ready to go with the Sea to Summit Trek and Travel Liquid Soaps. Fitting easily into cabin baggage or an expedition pack, these liquid soaps will spruce up everything from your hair to...
Sea To Summit Toiletry Cell
These innovative padded Toiletry Cells are designed to protect your toiletries and keep them organised. The contoured shape maximises holding capacity while enabling the lid to fully open so that you can see and access all items. The Toiletry Cells...
from $32.95
One Planet Bath Bag - Black
The One Planet Bath Bag is possibly the toughest little bag this side of the equator. It’s perfectly at home in your rucksack, kicking around the car or in your overseas travel kit. Built from Waterloc canvas, with canvas binding...
  • Black
  • Blue
The North Face Base Camp Travel Canister - TNF Blue/TNF Black
Inspired by the Base Camp Duffel, this is a simple yet bomber carryall for traveling. FEATURES Internal hook allows you to hang the canister, and it has a Velcro® strap to attach to the included mirror D-zip opening with a...
from $59.95
  • TNF Blue/TNF Black
  • TNF Black
Sea To Summit Wilderness Wipes
Wilderness Wipes will clean and refresh you when a shower, or even just water, isn’t a possibility. The extra thick Viscose® non-woven fibre is soft and gentle on your skin, removing salt and unpleasant odours caused by sweat, with no need...
from $4.95
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