Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash
Our super-concentrated liquid Wilderness Wash™ goes a long way and is gentle on fabrics and skin but effective on dishes and laundry stains. It is biodegradable and fragrance-free. We’ve also made sure that the bottles it comes in are tough...
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Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel
The reinforced Nylon 66 Pocket Trowel is a lightweight and compact backpacking trowel. The handle retracts into the blade to save space in your backpack, and is the ideal tool for upholding Leave No Trace ethics in the backcountry. When...
Sea To Summit Toiletry Bag
The Travelling Light® Toiletry Bag is a lightweight, super strong and water-resistant option for your toiletries or other essentials. Keep your bottles organized and contained for leak free and convenient travel. Two internal mesh pocket and one external zippered pocket Stand...
from $27.95
Sea To Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag
The Travelling Light® Hanging Toiletry bags will keep your toiletries contained and organized. Multiple internal pockets for convenient organization of your makeup and toiletries. Super light, strong and water-resistant too, so that you know it will survive any airline's checked luggage experience....
from $39.95
Sea To Summit Liquid Hand Cleaning Gel
Our 70% alcohol Hand Cleaning Gel kills germs on contact - no water required. Fast-drying and non-sticky on your hands, this mildly fragrant formula is pH neutral and won’t leave your skin dry and chapped. The made-to-travel 89ml leakproof reusable...
Sea To Summit Wilderness Wipes
Wilderness Wipes™ will clean and refresh you when a shower, or even just water, isn't a possibility. The extra thick fibre is soft and gentle on your skin, removing salt and unpleasant odours caused by sweat, with no need to...
from $4.95
Sea To Summit Toiletry Cell
Travelling Light® Toiletry Cells have a padded, stand-up design with full opening lid for easy access. The generous volume and three internal mesh pockets hold a variety of products or toiletries. Durable zips with durable grab tags for easy, secure opening...
from $32.95
The North Face Base Camp Travel Canister - Summit Gold/TNF Black
$59.95 from $47.96
The North Face Base Camp Travel Canister - Summit Gold/TNF Black
The Base Camp Travel Canister, inspired by our iconic Duffel, is a simple, super-durable carryall for taking your smaller personal items on the road. External lash points Twin haul handles on ends Internal hook allows you to hang the canister,...
$59.95 from $47.96
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One Planet Bath Bag - Black
The One Planet Bath Bag is possibly the toughest little bag this side of the equator. It’s perfectly at home in your rucksack, kicking around the car or in your overseas travel kit. Built from Waterloc canvas, with canvas binding...
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