Grangers Performance Wash 300mL
Formulated specifically for technical garments. Cleans, removes odours, optimises breathability and maintains water repellency. Provides garment with a clean, residue-free base for optimal re-proofing.
Grangers G-Wax
Granger’s G-Wax is the perfect way to add water-repellency, conditioning, and stain protection to your full-grain leather footwear. Providing all-round performance, this easy-to-apply beeswax treatment offers a good balance between excellent water-repellency and leather conditioning, whilst still allowing the breathable...
Grangers Down Wash
Specially formulated to clean all down and synthetic-filled products – including sleeping bags and jackets. Removes dirt and grime without reducing the insulating properties of your items. Can be used as a first step when applying water-repellent treatments. After washing,...
Grangers 2in1 Wash and Repel
Unique to Grangers and updated from 2015. Now using Acrylic Polymer Technology in place of C6, Wash + Repel still delivers cleaning and proofing in one wash cycle. Powerful cleaning action combined with the water repellency of APT enhances the...
Grangers Footwear Repel
Granger’s Footwear Repel is the ideal way to apply a water-repellent finish to all of your favourite footwear – whilst maintaining the breathability of your shoe’s waterproof membranes. This easy-to-use spray on waterproofing treatment doesn’t simply keep your feet dry;...
Grangers Performance Repel Plus Spray 275mL
Performance Repel Plus is a PFC-Free durable water repellant forumulated to restore the DWR finish of all technical fabrics. Spray on application. Based on industry recognised testing, this improved formualtion delivers greater water repellency to provide better protection for clothing....
Grangers Clothing Repel
Specially formulated to restore the water-repellent finish to all your outdoors and technical clothing. Uses Granger’s unique fluorocarbon-free technology to provide effective water-repellency. Should be used on a freshly cleaned garment – we recommend Granger’s Performance Wash. Suitable for use...
Grangers Leather Conditioner 75mL
Formulated to provide all-round protection to leather footwear. Help protect against water and oils. Maximises the breathability of leather footwear. A bluesign® system approved product. Grangers Leather Conditioner is a traditional conditioning product designed to add rain and stain protection...
Grangers Tent & Gear Repel Spray
A waterproofing treatment designed to protect all outdoor gear and equipment. Granger's Tent & Gear Repel is a spray-on waterproofer designed to protect all outdoor gear and equipment from rain and stains. Nothing takes the fun out of being outdoors...
Grangers Down Wash Kit
An all-in-one kit designed to clean down articles, restore loft and remove unpleasant odours. Grangers Down Wash Kit is a complete product protection package designed to make caring for all down-filled articles as easy as possible. Each kit contains one...
Grangers Active Wash 750ml
Active Wash is a high-performance wash-in cleaner designed to remove dirt, sweat, and odours from all sportswear.You're not the only one that needs to recover after a workout.Your sports kit has suffered alongside you and needs restoring if it's to...
Grangers Footwear + Gear Cleaner 275mL
Updated for 2015, Gear Cleaner is all you need to clean anything, including footwear, without the need for a washing machine. A high performance spray cleaner that cleans and removes odours without aggressively attacking the DWR fisnishes found on a...
Grangers Tent And Gear Cleaner
A powerful cleaner for all outdoor gear and equipment. Grangers Tent + Gear Cleaner is a sponge-on cleaner designed to clean dirt, dust, pollen, and all other performance-impairing impurities from outdoor gear. Over time, and with prolonged use, even the...
Grangers Tent And Gear Repel Paint On
A waterproofing treatment designed to protect all outdoor gear and equipment. Grangers Tent + Gear Repel is a paint-on waterproofer designed to protect all outdoor gear and equipment from rain and stains. Nothing takes the fun out of being outdoors...
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