Equip Premium Snake Bite Kit
For use with Snake Bites, with indicators showing when the correct level of compression is achieved.This kit includes detailed written instructions in first aid for an Australian snake bite. These first aid instructions are as what we teach in our...
Equip Premium Snake Bite Bandage
The AeroForm Premium Snake Bite Bandage with Indicator is ideally suited for use with Snake Bites and First Aid Training, with indicators showing when the correct level of compression is achieved.   This bandage is of sufficient length to bandage...
Equip Rec 1 - First Aid Kit
The REC 1 is the smallest of the range and as such has been designed to carry the bare essesntials.Will effectively small burns and minor wounds.This kit is carry-on luggage safe for travellers (i.e. it does not contain any items...
Equip Rec 2 - First Aid Kit
The REC2 is designed for solo outings and day trips. This kit while not as compact as the REC 1m is none the less a light and compact kit that contains a more complex range of items.The REC2 is designed...
Equip Rec 3 - First Aid Kit
The REC 3 is a perfect kit for overseas travelers or those who require a kit for specific activities.The REC 3 contains a more extensive inventory designed for treating mild to serious abrasions, cuts, bites, sprains and strains. It is...
Equip Blister Kit
The Blister Kit has been designed for the management of blisters. This kit is perfect for people undertaking activities that involve skin friction such as hiking, kayaking and skating.Contents; emergency action card benzoin swab stick athletic tape fixomull leukofoam
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Go-Straw (Portable Water Filter)
removes 99.99% of bacteria, virus and chemicals from the waterThe Go-Straw is perfect for any situation where you need pure, safe drinking water. The Go-Straw filter and purifier will remove viruses and bacteria as well as chemicals, heavy metals and...
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