Lifesystems Dual Action Firestarter - Orange
The ultimate fire steel for those who depend on their gear. The Lifesystems Dual Action Fire Starter is the best product for lighting firers in cold, wet or harsh conditions. It has two rods - one of high quality magnesium which...
Lifesystems Firestarter
The Lifesystems Firestarter is a compact and durable ferrocerium rod fire starter that offers a safe and convenient way of starting a fire in all weather conditions. The ferrocerium spark rod produces extremely high temperature sparks at 2,980ºC making it...
Lifesystems Dual Action Firestarter (2022) - Orange
A compact dual-rod fire starter with folding design that offers a complete fire starting solution, especially when natural tinder is limited. Featuring a magnesium rod for tinder and a ferrocerium rod for the spark and an integrated striker. The ferrocerium...
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