Trangia Stove Bottle
Fuel bottle (506010) 1.0 litre with safety valve. Weight 160 g. Dimensions Ø80 mm x H290 mm. Fuel bottle (506005) 0.5 litre with safety valve. Weight 115 g. Dimensions Ø65 mm x H235 mm.
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Trangia Pot Handle
Weight: 48g
Trangia Spirit Burner
Spirit burner (602500) Fits all Trangia stoves, the Trangia Triangle (400333) and the open spirit stove (100230). Weight 110 g.
Sold Out
Trangia 27 Series Kettle 600ml
Kettle 0.6 litre in aluminium, low model. Fits all Trangia stoves in series 27. Weight 140 g. Dimensions: Ø134 mm x H67 mm.
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