Trangia Multi-Fuel Stove Bottle
Fuel bottle (506010) 1.0 litre with safety valve. Weight 160 g. Dimensions Ø80 mm x H290 mm. Fuel bottle (506005) 0.5 litre with safety valve. Weight 115 g. Dimensions Ø65 mm x H235 mm.
from $32.95
Trangia Cookbook 2021 (Book)
A collaboration with local outdoor chefs Nathalie Spjälle and Eric Tornblad. The book is divided into 3 parts; Brunch, Dinner and Snacks, and has meals to suit everyone from meat eaters to gluten intolerant and vegans. The book has the...
Trangia 25 Series Kettle 900ml
Trangia Ultralight kettle, compatible with the 25 series cook sets. Material: Alloy Volume: 900ML Weight: 190 Grams    
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