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Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack
The Lightweight Dry Sack is our most versatile dry sack. It is flexible in both senses of the word – soft and pliable, and also ideal for many different uses. It is made from a lightweight 70D waterproof, durable nylon...
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Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack
For race events we recommend the 2L and 4L options Made with lightweight, waterproof 30D Ultra-Sil™ fabric featuring CORDURA® yarns it's the perfect choice to organize your gear inside your running vest, backpack or duffle like a pro. The semi-translucent...
from $13.95
Sea To Summit Camp Cutlery
Eating with your fingers is allowed, of course, but some foods are just easier to eat (and make) with cutlery. The pieces in this well designed, high quality Camp Cutlery are made from tough and lightweight BPA-free polypropylene and make...
Sea To Summit Pocket Towel
The Pocket Towel™ really will fit into a jacket pocket – yet when unpacked, its soft, thirsty nature becomes apparent. Its silky surface absorbs three times its weight in water, then dries quickly. Supplied with a soft, zippered EVA case,...
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Sea To Summit X-Mug - Blue
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Sea To Summit X-Mug - Blue
The X-Mug is a collapsible mug that is also calibrated as a measuring cup. The flexible silicone sides fold flat making this a small compact disc sized dinnerware piece that nests neatly with other X-Series dinnerware and X-Pots. The rigid...
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Sea To Summit Alpha Light Cutlery
Our AlphaLight™ Cutlery uses a durable hard-anodised aircraft grade aluminium combined with a sleek-yet-strong shape to create an extremely lightweight utensil. By hard anodising the aluminium it forms a kind of "exoskeleton" so the shape of the utensils can be...
from $9.95
Sea To Summit Delta Cutlery Set
  The Delta Cutlery Set is a short knife, fork and spoon set designed to fit inside your Delta Bowl. The supplied carabiner can be used to hang or clip the 3 piece set together. The knife is half plain...
Sea To Summit X-Bowl
  The X-Bowl™ is made from flexible, food grade silicone that collapses easily to form a small disc that can slide into any pack with ease. The Nylon base may be used as a cutting board when the X-Bowl™ is flipped upside...
Sea To Summit XL-Bowl
Our collapsible XL-Bowl is 77% larger than our original X-Bowl and made from the same flexible food-grade silicone side walls as other X-Series products. The Nylon base doubles as a cutting board and the silicone side walls collapse for compact...
Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash
Our super-concentrated liquid Wilderness Wash™ goes a long way and is gentle on fabrics and skin but effective on dishes and laundry stains. It is biodegradable and fragrance-free. We’ve also made sure that the bottles it comes in are tough...
from $4.95
Sea To Summit X-Cup
The compact X-Cup™ is perfect for smaller hands and ideal as an everyday carry piece. The flexible silicone walls collapse making it a pocket-sized drinking cup you can take anywhere. The rigid ring within the rim offer a sturdy drinking vessel...
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Event Dry Compression Dry Sack
The Ultra-Sil™ Compression Dry Sack is a super lightweight dry sack designed to compress bulky clothing or other squishable gear that lives inside your pack. Made from Ultra-Sil™ 30D CORDURA® Nylon fabric with an eVent® fabric base, the air can...
from $39.95
Sea To Summit Nylon Pack Cover
The Pack Cover is a lightweight 70D Nylon that offers a great combination of durability and low weight. It's been contoured nicely to fit most hiking packs and stores into a compact stuff sack when not in use. Made of...
from $32.95
Sea To Summit Evac Dry Sack
The eVac™ Dry Sack utilizes 70D lightweight nylon fabric for strength and eVent® waterproof fabric on the base to allow eVac-uation of air for compression. It's an excellent option for storing and compressing clothes and sleeping bags without the use...
from $26.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover
The Ultra-Sil™ Pack Cover ends the debate about whether you should carry one or not. It's a tiny and compelling solution and the medium size weighs less a mere 113g. Packs into its own small stuff sack - why wouldn't you carry...
from $29.95
Sea To Summit Drylite Towel
The Drylite™ Towel is the perfect solution for a soft, compact and quick drying travel towel. It's made from a luxuriously soft but super thirsty microfiber fabric and available in multiple sizes. Ideal for backpacking, traveling, boating, and camping. Microfiber towel...
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Sea To Summit X-Seal & Go - Lime
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Sea To Summit X-Seal & Go - Lime
X-Seal & Go is a range of collapsible food containers with airtight seals. The threaded lids are simple and easy to operate, and provide peace of mind against leaks. When not in use each container collapses to a minimal height,...
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Sea To Summit Big River Dry Bag
Super strong and abrasion resistant, this heavy-duty dry bag has a space saving low profile, Hypalon® lash loops for secure stacking and a roll resistant oval base. This is the bag of choice for the rugged user.   FEATURES Ideal for paddle...
from $34.95
Sea To Summit Delta Spork & Knife
The Delta™ Spork & Knife utensil is lightweight, practical and durable. The integrated spreader knife has a strong cutting edge and the spoon profile matches the curves of the high sided Delta™ Bowls and Delta™ Plate. Ergonomically designed for comfort Designed to match...
Sea To Summit Pack Tap
Hang this from a tree at the campsite and you have bulk water literally on tap! Multiple durable lash points allow you to hang or secure the Pack Tap™ in many spots. They can be rolled and squeezed into tight spaces...
from $32.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Liner
The Ultra-Sil™ Pack Liner won the prestigious Backpacker Editors' Choice award in 2006 and this award winner is an excellent solution for keeping contents of your pack dry. It's made of 30D Ultra-Sil™ CORDURA® brand fabric, making it super lightweight...
from $44.95
Sea To Summit Waterproof Pack Liner
The Waterproof Pack Liner opens wide for easy packing and unpacking when inside a pack. Water-resistant to keep contents of pack dry. Tough fabric ideal for hunters who use their packs to transport game. Made using 70D coated Nylon Opens...
from $39.95
Sea to Summit Delta Bowl - Grey
Sea to Summit Delta Bowl - Grey
Delta™ Bowls are lightweight, easy to clean and can be held easily with the thumb grip placed on the side. The base features our patented Protex™ hex pattern to reduce weight and help to disperse the surface temperature. They are a durable, BPA-free lightweight addition...
Sea To Summit X-Pots - Orange
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Sea To Summit X-Pots - Orange
The Backpacker magazine Editors' Choice award was bestowed upon the X-Pot™ in 2015 for its innovation, space-saving capability and functionality features. The real beauty of X-Cookware is its ability to collapse and nest neatly with other pieces in the series...
from $81.95
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