Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack
Our Lightweight Dry Sacks are incredible value. Not only are they light but also durable and compact. Once you start using them you’ll become addicted. You can squash these into spots ordinary heavy dry bags won’t go. Fits into little...
from $12.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack
For UTA we recommend the 2L and 4L options The new Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil® Dry Sacks are more than 50% lighter than our super popular Dry Sacks. They’re made of Siliconized Cordura®, which is one of the lightest and toughest...
from $13.95
Sea To Summit Pocket Towel
The Pocket Towel is the lightest towel we make. This is a compact towel, which absorbs three times its own weight in water. The knit we use for this towel is very light and is soft and silky to touch....
from $17.95
Sea To Summit X-Mug
The X-Mug is constructed from a flexible, European standard compliant, food grade silicone. A rigid ring within the rim keeps it sturdy and easy to drink out of but still allows the mug to be collapsed to a disk that...
Sea To Summit Camp Cutlery
 Eating with your fingers is allowed, of course, but some foods are just easier to eat (and make) with cutlery. The pieces in this well designed, high quality Camp Cutlery are made from tough and lightweight BPA-free polypropylene and make...
Sea To Summit Alpha Light Cutlery
Made from ultralight hard anodised 7075-T6 aircraft alloy. The smooth matt finished aluminium comes hardened for safe, life long use. Items include a carabiner to keep pieces together. FEATURES Tough and lightweight for life long use Comes with a carabiner...
from $8.95
Sea To Summit Delta Cutlery Set
The Delta Cutlery Set is a short knife, fork and spoon set designed to fit inside your Delta Bowl. The supplied carabiner can be used to hang or clip the 3 peice set together. The knife is half plain blade...
Sea To Summit X-Bowl
The X-Bowl is constructed from a flexible European standard compliant, food grade, silicone upper that is securely bonded by a patent pending process to a rigid, cut resistant base made of high temperature, food grade Nylon. It folds flat for...
Sea To Summit XL-Bowl
Expanding on our popular X-Series we have now designed an XL-Bowl, 77% larger than the X-Bowl! The XL-Bowl can be used as a bowl or a plate when the silicone rim is folded down. FEATURES Unbreakable, folds flat for compact...
Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash
Use sparingly! Wilderness Wash goes a long, long way and is gentle on fabrics but effective on stains. Multi-purpose outdoor was concentrate that can be used as body soap/shampoo, clothes detergent and dishwashing detergent. Most importantly it is Australian made...
from $4.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack
While we could make a lighter compression sack, it wouldn’t handle the stresses involved with squashing gear down to one third of its original size. We’ve trimmed down webbing and buckles and made the sack more user friendly with a...
from $39.95
Sea To Summit X-Cup
The compact X-Cup is perfect for smaller hands. It is constructed from a flexible, European standard compliant, food grade silicone. A rigid ring within the rim keeps it sturdy and easy to drink out of but still allows the mug...
Sea To Summit Evac Dry Sack
Our award winning eVent® Compression Dry Sack was the inspiration for the Evac Dry Sack. It is constructed from waterproof, air permeable eVent® fabric on the base which allows the innovative valve free air expelling capacity, whilst retaining compact packing...
from $26.95
Sea To Summit Pack Cover 70D
For off track or remote hiking or trekking this pack cover is ideal. A lightweight 70D Nylon body offers a great combination of durability in scrub, low weight and excellent value. The pack cover has been contoured to fit most...
from $32.95
Sea To Summit Drylite Towel
Our DryLite™ Towels are not only soft and super absorbent, they also have a permanent antibacterial treatment. The permanent silver treatment is internationally recognised, having been approved by the EPA (USA), amongst other standards. The treatment impedes the growth of bacteria and...
from $14.95
Sea To Summit X-Seal & Go
from $17.95
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
Sea To Summit X-Seal & Go
X-Seal & Go is a range of collapsible food containers with airtight seals. The threaded lids are simple and easy to operate, and provide peace of mind against leaks. When not in use each container collapses to a minimal height,...
from $17.95
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
Sea To Summit X-Pot
Cooking pots can be the most bulky and awkward items to pack in your bag. The X-Pot is a collapsible, fully featured cooking pot that combines the heat distribution of aluminium with the flexibility of silicone. A hard anodised aluminium...
from $54.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover
Ending the debate about whether to carry a pack cover or not, the ultralight Ultra-Sil® Pack Cover offers a tiny yet compelling solution. Weighing only 130g for a 90L pack, why wouldn’t you carry one?     FEATURES Ultra light and tiny,...
from $29.95
Sea To Summit Pack Tap
Best hung up in a tree at the campsite, giving you bulk water literally on tap! Great for groups, sea kayaking or whenever you have to carry a lot of water. FEATURES Food safe, taste free Self shutting valve with...
from $32.95
Sea To Summit Big River Dry Sack
Super strong and abrasion resistant, this heavy-duty dry bag has a space saving low profile, Hypalon® lash loops for secure stacking and a roll resistant oval base. This is the bag of choice for the rugged user.   FEATURES Ideal for paddle...
from $34.95
Sea To Summit The Clothesline
Australians have long been innovators in the field of clothes drying. Sea to Summit is proud to continue this tradition with this no stretch, no peg, adjustable clothesline. Light and compact enough to travel with. FEATURES No pegs required Tiny...
Sea To Summit Waterproof Pack Liner
PACK LINER The pack liner is basically a huge drysack, offering fantastic protection and cheap insurance for gear against torrential rain and river crossings. FEATURES Oval base rucksack shaped liners Fully waterproof seam sealed roll top bag Great value, hard...
from $39.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Packliner
Ultra lightweight insurance to keep your gear dry. Weighing less than 100g for a 70L Pack Liner, you’ll be glad you’ve used one when the heavens open up.    FEATURES Super compact and ultra light Waterproof seams, double stitched and...
from $44.95
Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel
The cousin of our Pocket Trowel, this latest tool is made with extra tough reinforced nylon 66 to uphold your outdoor ethics in cold temperatures and hard ground.
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