Thanks Darl

The tale of Thanks Darl began one lazy Sunday afternoon when my wife Laura and I were enjoying a chocolate milkshake. As is often the case, the topic of conversation was around food – snack food to be specific. Laura was sharing her views about muesli bars and how it’s so hard to find one that’s healthy and delicious. She then exclaimed “You should make a new kind of muesli bar!”  I loved the idea, so as soon as I’d finished my milkshake I began experimenting with muesli bars.

While I was mixing the batter, I noticed some chickpeas sitting on the shelf and thought that it might be interesting to make a muesli bar with chickpeas as the hero ingredient. Upon tasting these chickpea bar creations, we found them to be quite scrumptious and decided a fun name would be to call them Darl Bars, because we call each other Darl.

 Over the next 5 months, my life was all about Darl Bars. After 286 Darl Bar recipe experiments, we were finally ready to bring them to the world and in 2020 we launched Thanks Darl at the Mullumbimby markets with 3 flavours – Chai, Turmeric and Chocolate. To our darlight, the Mullumbimby-ites enjoyed our creations, so we knew were on to something special.

 We hand make all of our products in the northern rivers with the best organic ingredients we can find. We also try and source our ingredients from local farmers. Our goal with Thanks Darl is to create healthy snacks unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Snacks that you can enjoy sharing with your family, friends, yoga buddies, book club, and any other loved ones.