Birkenstock Mayari Oiled Leather Sandal Habana (Women's) 171321

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Birkenstock Mayari sandals are the elegant and comfortable summer companion for the fashion and comfort conscious. These sandals are particularly casual and shown here in a version made of high-quality, oiled nubuck leather with open-selvedge finish.


  • Original Birkenstock cork and latex footbed
  • Oiled nubuck leather upper - Designed to scuff and mark for a distressed look
  • Suede lining
  • Shock absorbing EVA sole
  • Made in Germany

Fitting Notes:

  • The Mayari sandal in leather is adjustable around the toe and across the arch.
  • The toe piece loops around the big toe, helping to keep the toes evenly spread.
  • The leather straps can be a little stiff to start with but will soon soften.
  • The Narrow Width is suitable for people with particularly narrow feet, but most people will go for the regular width and strap the shoes tighter to ensure a snug fit without losing comfort in the width.

Oiled Leather:
Birkenstock Oiled Leather features an oily or waxy finish that's designed to acquire a unique distressed patina over time. Oiled Leather will pick up marks, scuffs and scratches as part of the distressing process, which will start to occur from the moment the product is produced. You can reduce the appearance of marks or buff them out with Beeswax Dressing and a clean cloth if desired

Sustainable Cork:
The Birkenstock cork footbed is legendary, not only for its comfort and support, though also for its sustainability. The cork is responsibly sourced from the outer layer of the cork oak tree. Sections of the thick bark are carefully removed without harming the tree, allowing it to regenerate and be re-harvested every 7-9 years. A single cork oak tree can produce 100 - 200 kg of cork in its lifetime!
Footbed Features:
The anatomical design of the Birkenstock footbed follows the natural contours of your feet to strengthen, support, activate, stabilise and align. Boasting features such as a raised footbed edge, toe grip bar, arch support (including transverse, metatarsal, interior and exterior longitudinal arch support), heel mould, deep heel cup, and plenty of toe room, it's no wonder the humble Birk is coveted the world over.
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