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Shotz Sports Nutrition Find Your Feet Trail Running Australia Tasmania

Tried sports nutrition gels or electrolyte hydration and never noticed a kick?  Shotz Sports Nutrition is an Australia range specifically designed for the body and mind of trail runners, runners, triathletes and active individuals.  

Not sure what to use in your trail running races or training?

The Shotz Sports Nutrition Energy Gels are a fast, sustained fuel to keep the muscles and brain energised.  Combine these with the Shotz Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Tablets.  Before your trail running or ultra running races, or when out on the run, try the Shotz Sports Nutrition Energy Bars.  We particularly love the Sticky Date flavour!  And after your trail run, try the Shotz Sports Nutrition Protein Bar.  Containing 20 g of protein, this is the perfect recovery food for hard training or trail running.

Need more advice?  We highly recommend the book Sweat. Think. Go Faster by Darryl Griffiths

Find Your Feet Podcast Darryl Griffiths

You can listen to a Find Your Feet Podcast Episode with Hanny Allston and Darryl Griffiths.

Finally, we strongly recommend you consider a Sweat Loss Test.  Here is a great resource by Hanny Allston:


It is important to develop an understanding of your sweat rate so that you can develop a thorough understanding of your sweat losses during an event.

The easiest way to measure your sweat rate is to weigh yourself without clothes on before and after exercising for one hour, taking note of the climatic conditions you were exercising in.


  • Weigh yourself without clothes on before you head out to train.
  • Conduct one hour of training in as similar conditions to race day as possible. intensity, pace and discipline. 
  • After one hour, return home, strip down, thoroughly dry your skin and hair, and then weigh yourself again.