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Find Your Feet feature work by Rob Blakers in store and we’re sure that many of you are familiar with his fantastic photography. Today we sit down with Rob to delve into the man behind the camera lens. What we find is a quiet, thoughtful and generous person who is committed to both showcasing and protecting Tasmania’s rugged wilderness. From discussing his approach to work and life, to activism and saving wilderness, we are sure there are lessons in here for us all.  


“We were all a band of young people with a very idealistic vision, doing what we knew was right”
“I look ahead more with ‘how I want to do things’ rather than ‘what am I doing’”
A thought to help us move into that space of vulnerability or surrender is just that sense of ‘I am alone’. I am by myself. Because we are so much impacted by how the thought of other people perceive us.”


We hope you enjoy this conversation.

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BELOW: This is is the pictured mentioned in the podcast of Mt Anne and the Weld Valley. At the time this image was taken all of the forest was scheduled for logging!

Mt Anne - Rob Blakers