Hanny Allston

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We’ve switched things around and today are interviewing Hanny for the podcast! I’m sure that most of you are at the very least familiar with the name ‘Hanny Allston’ and know that she is a phenomenal athlete. There is a lot more to Hanny than just running though as you will see with this conversation. 

I hope this podcast shows someone with an incredible character and drive that has led to multiple outstanding achievements, while maintaining a humble and grounded personality. Our conversation dives into turning 30, Find Your Feet and the many aspects of running; from training to racing to avoiding injury.


“As people get to know me they realise that there’s a couple of sides to me as person.”
“I’m a lifelong learner, if there’s one word that describes me it’s curious” 
“What I’ve learned about pressure is that it’s a noise, it’s like a radio and you’re never going to turn it off…. I just recognize the radio is on and I’m just going to focus on what I’m doing”

“I guess that’s what drives me with Find Your Feet and everything I do, with the education I put out. Yeah by all means let it help you race…but let it I hope, help you adventure, be a bit wilder.”


We hope you enjoy this conversation.


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