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Today we sit down with Dr. Jeremy Adams, registered psychologist and owner/manager of Eclectic Consulting. If you’ve never been to a psychologist, and even if you have, you are in for a mind-blowing podcast! We discuss the stigma around mental health (and why Jeremy wants to remove the ‘mental’ and simply include it within overall health), performance, why we’re so hard on ourselves, motivation, social media, work/life/training balance, our brains and how they are wired to work, the dark side of performance and much, much more.


Jeremy’s list of achievements is staggering and includes: a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology, 10 professional papers and two books. He is also a qualified SCUBA instructor, personal trainer and has competed in mountain biking at a state level.


Listen in to hear why Jeremy states that, “I suppose I’m coming to the idea that nearly everything that we experience has no meaning whatsoever.”


We really hope you enjoy this conversation and learning more about what makes us who we are and why.


To learn more about Jeremy and his work head over to the below sites!


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