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Arwen Dyer is a gentle soul with a story that we believe needs to be heard. Her photography alone we could discuss for hours, but it is her work in art therapy that is at the core of this conversation.  

We discuss the use of art to heal, even for those of us that place ourselves in the non-artistic box.


“There can often be resistance to using the arts in that therapeutic context even if people want to they can get stuck in their own story and just talking. But also they might feel like I’m going to be judged on what I create or what’s going to come out of this.”  

“What if we make some marks on paper about how that feels for you? What colour would you choose? It might just be a black mess on the paper but that’s what it is – that’s what you’re feeling.” 


We hope this conversation gives you an introduction to an unusual but beautiful technique.  



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