• Review: The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jacket

    Review: The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jacket

    This is the christening of our new The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jackets. We started with the hoods on, climbed over 1000m vertically, ran across the ridgeline and yet I am only mildly clammy beneath this single-layer of Goretex fabric. The idea behind these jackets is to create an incredibly permeable and yet fully waterproof jacket specifically for high-intensity activities such as this run we...
  • REVIEW: Salomon S-Lab Clothing by Hanny Allston

    REVIEW: Salomon S-Lab Clothing by Hanny Allston

    When I heard that Salomon skorts were going to be hard to come by in Australia I was really, really concerned. My beloved Salomon S-Lab Sense Skort now has mud stains and has faded to a duck-egg blue. What was I going to do? So, it was with slight intrepidation that I decided to give the new Salomon S-Lab modular clothing system a go....
  • Buying Guide Suunto Watches

    Buying Guide Suunto Watches

      From slow Suunto beginnings  It took some of us a while to get onto the Suunto band wagon.  Some of us loved these Suunto watches and Suunto compasses, seeking out trails just for an excuse to turn on the blingy GPS watch.  And yet a few of us wondered what all the hype was about.  Surely our $20 market bizarre bargain is enough? But as...
  • Hydration for Endurance Performance

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    Hydration for Endurance Performance   We have all heard that our bodies are comprised of mostly water.  A 60kg individual is composed of around 48kg of water in which all their body’s biochemistry will take place.  Water has a number of other functions in the body - evaporative cooling, glycogen storage and maintaining electrolyte balances.  The loss of even a small proportion of this...
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