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Review: The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jacket

by Hanny Allston 13 Feb 2018


The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jackets Trail Running Find Your Feet UTA Ultra Trail Australia Hobart

We are moving slowly, large lumbering steps up towards the grey heavens. Rain pouring down in grey sheets, causing rivers to flow boldly down the path beneath our feet. Hoods on, hands tucked up inside the sleeves, we progress upwards until the terrain begins to level out. I love this place. The West Coast of Tasmania is as wild and rugged as you will find anywhere on the planet, and the Tyndall Ranges here are a dramatic representation of this wild beauty.

 As we reach the top, the wind begins to buffet us backwards and the rain comes down as heavy as ever. Graham turns to me, a grey outline against a grey background.

I should be miserable now!

And yet we are not. This is the christening of our new The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jackets. We started with the hoods on, climbed over 1000m vertically, ran across the ridgeline and yet I am only mildly clammy beneath this single-layer of Goretex fabric. The idea behind these jackets is to create an incredibly permeable and yet fully waterproof jacket specifically for high-intensity activities such as this run we are doing up the Tyndall Ranges.

The jacket is fully seam-sealed, hooded and has a new Shake Dry technology which means that it permanently repels water to avoid moisture being held in the fabric of the jacket. Like water off a duck’s back! This jacket was designed for the Japanese trail running market where conditions are definitely at the epitome of wet and sweaty.

The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jackets Trail Running Find Your Feet UTA Ultra Trail Australia Hobart

I have never had a jacket that has really, 100% kept me dry when the rain hammers and I am exercising intensely. And yet, after over 90 minutes running through this torrential rain event, I am still completely dry and only slightly clammy, albeit no more than normal when participating in such activities. We haven’t taken our hoods off at all and I am so surprised that I do not feel too hot or uncomfortable.

The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jacket Womens Trail Running Find Your Feet UTA Ultra Trail Australia Hobart

As we begin to make our way down, the rain slightly eases and I am able to observe that my jacket is beading. That is, the water sits like tiny little water droplets on the top of the fabric until I shake and it bounces off. By the time we have bounded and skipped our way down the track I realise that I am 100% dry again inside my jacket. Any sweat that I had produced on the uphill had evaporated completely whilst running back down! Incredible!

The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jackets Trail Running Find Your Feet UTA Ultra Trail Australia Hobart

In summary, this groundbreaking new jacket by The North Face has been made for active endeavors in wet and cool conditions. The shake dry technology throws the water off beautifully and the single skin membrane means that no pit zips or ventilation zones are required. The jacket has a thin, slightly rubbery feel and comes in a super sleek dark grey coloring for both the men and women, with unique tailoring for the girls so we feel slightly special. There is so much attention to detail in this jacket, for even the detailing on the cuffs of this jacket, with their tailored shape over the hand, is amazing. There is a fully waterproof rear pocket for stowing your essential items too.

This is my absolute ideal rain jacket for trail running, cycling and lightweight missions. However, the thinner technology means that I would not be using it with more than a lighter vest pack on.

I have been slow to learn this golden rule but… having the right product really does mean that you can play wilder and with more confidence in the outdoors, even when the conditions appear against you. Put down the weather app, done The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jacket and get playing. 


The North Face Hyperair GTX Trail Jacket (Men's) Find Your Feet


Shop The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jacket Men’s Style Here RRP: $350.00





 The North Face Hyperair GTX Trail Jacket Women's

Shop The North Face Hyperair Goretex Jacket Women’s Style Here RRP: $350.00

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