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Suunto 9 Peak - Hanny's Review

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 03 Jan 2022
The Suunto 9 Peak is designed for all of the things that can not be measured.  Hanny tested out the Birch White Titanium model, read on to see how she has integrated it as a new mum and athlete.
Here are the things that I truly love about the new Suunto 9 Peak:
  • It is lighter, sleeker and far sexier than previous smart watches. It is a sports watch that is feminine and wearable on every occasion.
  • The screen is very responsive and super easy to use, even with sweaty fingers and moving briskly.
  • The step count feature has been really helpful to me as a new mother. Honestly, the number of incidental steps I have taken juggling a baby, chasing a crawling baby, rocking a baby to sleep… you name it, it is extraordinary how they add up! So to be able to reflect on this at the end of the day helps me to plan the days to come. That is, when I have had a huge day I know that both I, and Nikolas, need a quieter day the next day to recuperate if possible.
  • The barometer feature is always so powerful. On the Overland Track we were using it to help us predict changing weather patterns and how far to strive for that day with our baby Nikolas. It was spot on every time!
  • The capacity for the watch to record across a number of activities is huge. I can use it submerged in the pool swimming, hiking, or running up mountains. I also have a 'Nikolas' function on mine now which helps me track baby-suitable adventures like hiking with the pram or towing him behind the e-bike, so convenient!

Suunto 9 Peak birch white

Sleek and sexy every-day mode. 

                       Sleek and sexy every-day mode. 

Great progress updates to track any level of training. 

Suunto 9 Peak birch white 

            Helpful features that we used along the Overland Track. 

Suunto 9 Peak birch white

Wrist strap without loops, very functional. 

The only challenge I have is that for some reason my skin-tone or type is less receptive to wrist-based HR functions. This was also true for previous watches. But I can overcome this using a chest HR strap and would be more than happy with this if I was back into 'training mode’.
In essence, most of the time I am using this as a sexy lifestyle watch as an active person. But if I want to notch it up a gear, then I can use the watch for all its power as a training tool.
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