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Granger's Gear Care

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 05 Jan 2022


Performance Wash 

  • Special soap-based wash, very gentle for technical garments
  • This is especially important to use on your rain wear as this product strips dirt and oils from rainwear, without using harsh detergents that degrade the waterproof membrane/materials in a jacket (or any technical garment) 
  • Main objective is to clean garments, but does also promote breathability and maintains water repellency 
  • An alternative is to use soap flakes 
  • This is good to use before reproofing with Clothing Repel (See below)

 Shop Performance Wash 

Clothing Repel

  • Formulated to restore water repellency on the outside of your garment to help maintain longevity of your rainwear 
  • Can be used on any outdoor clothing to add/restore DWR (Durable Water Repellant) 
  • Highly recommend to use after cleaning your garment 
  • Rainwear items can be left to air dry, but tumble drying on a low heat also helps to reignite waterproofing 
  • The clothing repel comes in two variants
    • Wash - Applies to all surfaces as this goes in the washing machine and may affect breathability of your garment
    • Spray - The preferred option as you can apply it to just the outside/ pressure points (shoulders)
      • Must be applied on a wet garment and evenly distributed 

Shop Performance Repel Plus Clothing Repel 


2 in 1 Wash & Repel 

  • Simpler way to clean and restore DWR in one go 
  • More economical and requires less time, but is not as thorough 
  • If your rainwear is really dirty/old then we recommend using Performance Wash followed by Clothing Repel
  • If your garment is not that dirty and relatively new, 2 in 1 is an effective way to clean and maintain your rainwear
  • We recommend using heat activation washing this way (tumble dry on low or place in a warm area of your house to dry) 


 Shop Wash + Repel 

Down Wash (& Synthetics)

  • Designed for down products (sleeping bags, jackets) as harsh detergents strip natural oils off feathers and technical materials of a jacket
  • Gentle, removes dirt without compromising insulation
  • Can alternatively use pure soap flakes
  • Drying 
    • Recommended to use "spikey" balls in the Down Wash Kit to encourage the feathers to stay fluffy and not clump too much 
    • Clumped feathers leads to poor insulation
    • When down items are wet (ie caught in the rain or washed), the down shrinks and clumps
    • If you don't have these balls, tennis balls tied in a sock works as an alternative
    • If there are still clumps after drying, use your hands to fluff it back up like a pillow 
    • If you don not have a dryer, place garment in a warm sunny place and regularly fluff with your hands until dry 

Shop Down Wash Kit 

down wash grangers find your feet hobart launceston

Active Wash 

  • Excellent cleaner for activewear/synthetic thermals that removes odour well (not just masking the smells)
  • Works well with cold and warm washing cycles 

Shop Active Wash 

Footwear Repel

  • Most shoes and boots come with a DWR on the outside, but over time this wears away
  • Footwear Repel restore the DWR on all types of footwear (leather, suede, synthetic, etc)
  • Apply to cleaned shoes when they are still wet for even distribution

Shop Footwear Kit 

Odour Eliminator 

  • A spray-on odour neutraliser suitable for use all on footwear, clothing and accessories. When you’re active, it’s not just your clothing that suffers it’s also your footwear and accessories. 
  • Use for inside your shoes, your helmet, gloves, shin pads etc 

Shop Odour Eliminator 

Footwear & Gear Cleaner 

  • Spray cleaner to remove odour and dirt without being too harsh on glues & other technical materials/leathers 

Shop Footwear & Gear Cleaner 


  • Conditions leather (not suede)
  • Conditioner works to maintain the leather and prevent it from drying out which leads to cracking 
  • Conditioners also maintain breathability 

Shop Conditioner 

Tent & Gear Cleaner 

  • The sponge-on cleaner is designed to clean dirt, pollen, oils, etc.
  • As equipment gets dirtier, the more water it absorbs, meaning a higher likelihood that it will leak 
  • This product is designed for tents and other technical materials (eg. backpacks) without damaging them 
  • The water repellency already in place can then work better once it has been reproofed

Tent & Gear Cleaner 

We hope this overview helps you when determining how to best care for your gear. Grangers products not only serve their intended purpose, but also in 2020 they launched an Eco Pledge, becoming the first aftercare brand to use Ocean Waste Plastic in their 100% recycled bottles. 

Shop the Grangers Range 

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