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Alissa's Review on the One Planet Tarkine Pack

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 02 Mar 2022

With a few bigger trips planned for this season, I picked up the One Planet Tarkine to have the 80L capacity (small back length). These packs have so much adjustability and as someone who is forever carrying more than 20% of my body weight on hikes (purely due to my smaller size), this pack disperses the weight exceptionally well. Given the canvas and the supportive harness, these packs do start your base weight off a bit heavier, but I think it’s completely worth it. 

Key Points to Note 

These packs are designed to be put to the test, through scrub and the elements. I immediately noticed myself able to more confidently head through scrub, not having to worry about my packing potentially getting caught. Having the 80L means I can pack for 8+ day trips and manage to keep everything inside my pack (even with all of my snacks). The thought and craftsmanship that goes into these packs is unmatched from all of the packs I have previously tried, but here are some of my key takeaways: 

  • Some additions: I also picked up two hipbelt pockets to keep snacks, sunscreen, and lip balm accessible as well as an insulation bladder as I always hike with a water bladder 
  • I really like that the top lid has two separate access pockets - just helps to provide more organization for items that you want easy to access to. I have found that keeping my first aid kit, headtorch, and trowel kit in the top pocket with my book and card games for the evening just helps keep these smaller items organised and not squished elsewhere in my pack. 
  • The external zipper pocket is perfect for storing rain gear/ gaiters when not in use
  • Having so many sturdy side pockets is such a bonus - I have plenty of space for drink bottles, my camp shoes, and the little seat pad I bring on shorter overnight hikes  

I can confidently say I've lugged (more like glided) this pack up some of the steepest terrain I've been on and am so happy with the balance of comfort and durability of this pack. By no means is this a one or the other tradeoff, you really get both. With the Exact fit harness, I had Simon (guru of One Planet and everything else outdoorsy at our Hobart store) fit me as they are such a customisable fit with backlengths, hip straps, and shoulder straps. Overall, I can't recommend these packs enough. Whether you want something that is going to last the tale of time for commonly tracked walks or off track bush bash missions, the One Planet packs fit the bill. 

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