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An Open Letter from Us to You

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 14 Oct 2021

Dear Wilder One!


We are 18 months into main bulk of the Covid-19 experience and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on this journey with you, and share 18 things we have learnt from this experience so far. Further to this, we would love to share with you our HUGE aspirations that we are now striving towards. In fact, let’s start with this exciting news!
At Find Your Feet we believe that Wilder Places need Wilder People… The G7 leaders have recently announced, ’our world must not only become net zero, but also nature-positive, for the benefits of both people and the planet.’ As the G7’s statement suggests, the concept of nature positive goes well beyond the need to address climate change. Rather, it is based on the understanding that nature provides a multitude of invaluable services to humankind. The apparel industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. At this pace, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will surge more than 50% by 2030. At Find Your Feet we have always believed in stocking quality, ethically made products that are built to last you an adventurous lifespan. However, we believe this is not enough! That is why we are striving to position Find Your Feet as the first B-CORP company in Tasmania!


Have you heard of the B-CORP Movement? Globally, B Corps are leading the way in using business as a force for good. B Corporations, (B Corps), make decisions that make a positive impact across their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. The B Corp entity envisage a world where businesses compete to be best for the world, the people living in it, and the natural environment on which our quality of life depends. To date, the B-CORP community includes over 4,000 businesses in 74 countries and 150+ industries… and yet none in Tasmania! This is our goal and it is going to require us to take huge steps forwards as an organisation. We want to be the change we wish to see in the world! We will be reaching out for your support & guidance as we strive towards this goal.



Further to this, we wish to build on our Wilder Trails Project and prioritise the further development of this. We have already started! If you are new to community and haven’t heard about Wilder Trails, this is a project we have taken on to showcase trails and routes around our home state of Tasmania that may otherwise remain unknown, forgotten or overlooked and are of varying experience levels. Whether you are looking to get the family outdoors or are training for something bigger, Wilder Trails is for you! Thanks to the phenomenal support of Terrainium, we have updated the mapping and are now able to provide A4 printable or digitally interactive mapping options for participants. We will also soon be releasing exciting new routes, with more produced on an ongoing basis. Learn more about our Wilder Trails project here:



 Now that we have shared this excitement with you, we wish to reflect a little on the recent experiences of Covid. Please don’t tune out! I know you are probably as full-to-brim with Covid as we are! It infiltrates our every move - from our favourite coffee shop to our farmer’s markets, the bus journey home to QR codes in our National Parks and Reserves. But we have 18 things to share with you that we have learnt from this experience… 


  1. The world is noisy - taking precious breaths in quiet, green spaces is the greatest gift we can give ourselves to reset & reenergise.
  2. We don’t need to speed up, we need to simplify - motion does not equal action, busy does not equal better, and more is not necessarily more.
  3. Wear cheerfulness - adopting a bright jacket, or socks, or even undies can just change the day from flat to a little more sparkly.
  4. Light a candle at dinner - there is always something to celebrate, a highlight to share and love to feel.
  5. Adventure from home - we toss and turn far too much over where to go, and then even the simplest walk from our backdoor brings memories that can last forever.
  6. There is always tomorrow - there is always time to take a quick walk or jog, there are few jobs that are so urgent they cannot be done tomorrow.
  7. Express endless gratitude - we are only as strong as our support teams. Don’t forget to thank them profusely.
  8. Corona Virus is not a beer - but gosh knows the world will discuss it just as earnestly for many decades to come.
  9. Earth - media, social hits, podcasts… we only have a tolerance for so much. Lie on a picnic blanket in the sunshine and feel yourself earth.
  10. Eat more plants, and preferably organic - it can only help us, those who grew them, and the planet. In a rush? Eat them raw.
  11. Bread makers are the best! - No dinner ingredients left in the fridge? A wholesome loaf of fresh bread will satisfy the hangries and soon have you dreaming of European adventures in no time! PS. add a cooked potato! It’s the secret ingredient.
  12. Trail running shoes are a must have - keep them close at hand. They can take you anywhere, anytime and we promise we always return with a smile on our faces. 
  13. We haven’t changed, we have grown - Covid might have changed the way we do things, but it hasn’t changed us. No matter how tough, it has added to our knowledge, experiences, and resilience. You have grown!
  14. Values shape us - Covid stripped away what we were doing because 'we thought we should,' and helped us to see 'all the things that we could’. Let’s chase the ‘coulds’ not the ’shoulds’!
  15. Becoming a parent is a gift – Despite sleepless nights and a groaning washing basket, we must never take moments with our children for granted. Everything we do today will impact on their tomorrow.
  16. Experienced a setback? Take a walk, wander or ramble outside.
  17. Hit another hurdle? Take a longer walk, wander or ramble outside.
  18. If all else fails, reach for a hug, or a teddy, and simply smile anyway - That’s what our 6 month old little boy is teaching us. 


At Find Your Feet, we are part of your support Team. We exist because wilder places need wilder people… and we are here to facilitate this. Yup, we want to help you to grow, play & perform wilder… to Find Your Feet! 

To our incredible community… keep playing wilder. Keep inspiring us! Most importantly, keep striving to be your own hero. 

- Graham & Hanny




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