Salomon Predict Hike Mid-Boots

If you have been into our Hobart store, odds are you have likely spoken with Simon at some point. Gear guru, bush walking enthusiast, trail runner, sea kayaker, and canyoner, there isn't much that Simon hasn't tackled. On his October holiday he took to the trails and tested out a pair of the Salomon Predict Hike mid-boots, paired with Bridgedale Medium weight Hike socks. He  ventured on a 3 day bushwalk to Olive Lagoon, Layatinna Hill and Lake Malbena, as well as a day walk up Mt Lloyd. Here is what he had to say about them.
Terrain was wet, very wet to be more specific. With snow, wet rock, forest leaf litter and some scrub he was super impressed with the Predict Hikes. I carried either a daypack or a light overnight rucksack. 
  • Surprisingly good grip on the varied terrain I traversed.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Waterproofing was effective - GoreTex lining.
  • Not torsionally rigid, which improved grip on rock and made for comfortable walking.
  • Look to be a slim fit but accomplished my arthritic left foot with ease.
  • The top of the boot is quite narrow and wouldn't suit a thick ankle 
Simon also mentions which  Tasmanian walks he thinks these would be suited for: Overland Track, Walls of Jerusalem, Freycinet, Maria Island, Tasman Peninsula, South Coast Track. Even Frenchman's Cap or Mt Anne circuit at a pinch. However, they would age very quickly on the Eastern or Western Arthurs in the more rugged terrains. 
After his trip, Simon placed his boots in his washing machine on a gentle cycle.

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