REVIEW: Salomon S-Lab Speed Trail Running Shoes for Speed

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Speed for Speed

A Review of the Salomon S-Lab Speed trail running shoes.

 Salomon Speed Review

Trail shoes are not made equally, especially when it comes to the lung-searing, leg-burning uphills and the try-not-to-slide-on-my-bum downhill running.  There is one shoe on the market that is perfectly engineered for such races and adventures - the Salomon S-Lab Speed trail running shoe.


My current pair of Salomon S-Lab Speed shoes has travelled more than 600km with me and still look brand new.  They have: traversed the icy, snow-covered Overland Track in winter; orienteered in the sodden Fells of Scotland; Sky-raced over the Dolomites in Italy; bush-walked off-track through alpine Tasmania with an 18kg pack; done interval training on the mountain; run on roads… versatility and durability +++ !


The studded sole of the Speed is incredibly durable.  The rubber is certainly the most durable and grippy that I have had on any trail shoe.  Whilst the rubber studs are deep, they feel very ‘bouncy’ which allows you to transition easily onto a road or harder surface without discomfort.

 Salomon S-Lab Speed Trail Running Shoes

One of the winning features of the Speed is that the upper fabric is tough.  The material appears to be impermeable to dust, grime and mud.  And I just can’t damage it!  The shoe isn’t waterproof but the tight weave of this fabric helps to keep the grunge out of your socks and after endless wear, it still looks brand new.


The low 4mm drop from heel to toe provides a sense of stability on the trails whilst the sole has the perfect balance of great feel versus protection against rocks.  You can really feel everything going on under your feet without coming away from a long run feeling bruised and battered.  Furthermore, the shoe is 100% flexible & malleable.  For me, it bends in all the right places allowing it to mould perfectly over trail obstacles such as rocks or logs.


If you are looking for a tough, grippy shoe ideal for rough trails, skyracing, orienteering or fell running, I cannot recommend this shoe enough. The Salomon S-Lab Speed is definitely built for speed.



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  • Posted on by Darren Young

    G’day Hanny and Graeme…Do you have a pair of Salomon Speed 10.5us? Price please? Are you going to the Freycinet run in 3 weeks?
    Regards – Darren (Ultrain Member)

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