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Cradle Mountain is home to some of the most diverse and outstanding landscapes in Tasmania. From dolerite boulder fields to cool temperate rainforest, Alpine eucalypts to button grass moorlands, this region is remarkable. We have seen grown men cry with joy and wonderment as they ran beneath the King Billy Pines at Dove Lake, and other individuals beckoned to 'drop their daks' to dart into the freezing, still waters of Crater Lake. During the route setting of Rock the Cradle we constantly jostled between wanting to look at the views of the mountain's escarpment, and needing to look at where our feet were going as we moved over the rough, uneven terrain. We promise you that this route will steal your breath away, have your neck aching from the constant peering upwards, and make you wish that you were a wombat living permanently beneath the mountains!

The route begins in the Ronney Creek carpark on the Dove Lake Road and is best accessible with the free shuttle bus service from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre. The route follows the famous Overland Track up past Marion's Lookout and kitchen hut, before heading south into the Reserve. After traversing under Cradle Mountain's western face, we then take a left-hand turn towards Lake Rodway, a trail which weaves you down into the valley and the old hiker's hut here. From the lake there is a slow, gentle climb back up the incredibly beautiful Artist's Pool to meet the Face Track where expansive views of Dove Lake await you. We return via Hanson's Peak, descending down to Dove Lake and meandering back to Ronney Creek past Lake Lila, a photographer's hotspot. At 20km in length, this large circular route is littered with remarkable viewpoints, neck-creaking views up to the mountain skylines, small alpine Tarns and lakes that beckon you into their frigid waters. Be prepared to be blown away by Rock the Cradle!

Oh, and if you are free in Autumn, especially in the week’s proceeding Anzac Day, we strongly recommend you grab your trail shoes and head for Cradle Mountain. This route showcases some of the most outstanding stands of Northofagus gunnii in Tasmania. This is Australia’s only deciduous plant and grows at a narrow altitude band in Tasmania’s mountains. In the earlier weeks of April, the leaves of the Fagus turn a brilliant display of yellow, orange and red, lighting up the mountain slopes. Some parts of this route literally tunnel through the Fagus, creating an ethereal effect and something every mountain enthusiast must see at least once in their lifetime!

Route Highlights:

  • Absorb vast vistas of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake from Marion's Lookout on the famous Overland Track.
  • Dance across rocky terrain as you traverse under Cradle Mountain, gazing out to Barn Bluff in the distance as you weave your way.
  • Admire & shelter in old hiker's huts such as Kitchen's Hut, Scott-Kilvert and Rangers Hut.
  • Feel captivated as you take in the jagged spires of the Cradle Mountain & Little Horn skyline.
  • In Autumn this trail is remarkable for its rich autumn colours when Australia's only deciduous plant, the Arctic Beech (Northofagus gunnii) makes the mountain glow red.

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    Wilder Trails Rock The Cradle Loop
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