Wilder Trails Frog's Wine Freycinet

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This route is inspired by Hanny's early family camping experiences to the Freycinet Peninsula. On this route you will first explore the rises and falls of the undulating coastal trail from the Wineglass Bay Track to Hazards Beach, where you will likely then find yourself meandering up a shell-strewn beach with distant views to Mt Freycinet, Mt Graham and the rest of the peninsula beyond. As you cross the isthmus towards Wineglass Bay, we ask you to pause at the vast inland lagoon, marvelling at the chorus of frogs, deliriously drunk on their frogs' wine. If you are quiet and sneaky you can often find the frogs galloping near the water's edge. After leaving the lagoon you will then visit Wineglass Bay and whilst not compulsory we will offer extra bonus high-fives to those who brave a swim in her chilly waters! Finally lean into the climb back to Wineglass Bay lookout and marvel at just how far you have come and the beauty of the Peninsula now laid out below you. Then whoop, whoop, whoop all the way back down the hill to the carpark. Just magical!

Route Highlights:

  • Meander on shell-strewn Hazards Beach.
  • Search for frogs and listen to their chorus at the majestic Hazards lagoon.
  • Take a dip in Wineglass Bay, the Park's most famous jewel... albeit a cold one!
  • Surprise yourself on the climb to Wineglass Bay and pat yourself on the back as you reflect on just how far you have come.
  • Whoop, whoop, whoop all the way back down the hill to the carpark!

For more information visit: https://www.wildertrails.com.au/frogs-wine-loop.html

Level 1, Growing Wilder
Smooth gravel footpaths to undulating, rockier granite trails. Steep stone stairs to white sandy beaches. The route is varied but accessible to most trail enthusiasts. Minimal trail experience is required.
Approx. Duration
1.5 - 3hrs



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Wilder Trails Frog's Wine Freycinet
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