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Darryl Griffiths Podcast by Hanny Allston
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Today we sit down with Darryl Griffiths, founder of Shotz Sports Nutrition and author of Sweat.Think.Go Faster. Darryl is known as a pioneer in sports nutrition and if you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll have seen we've frequently showcased Darryl's knowledge through his guest blogs on nutrition and hydration and previous podcasts with Hanny.


At its core, we hope this podcast will show you how passionate Darryl is about helping athletes perform better along with giving some more information on the man behind the scenes. Darryl has worked with the world's top: Ironmen and women; triathletes; cyclists; runners; Paralympian's; Formula One and motocross athletes just to name a few. He even has famous faces staying with him in Melbourne on a regular basis!


He's inspired us to explore not just sport nutrition but exploring better ways of doing business and living our personal lives with intention. 


“It’s about having a respect for the body and an understanding that everyone is so different”
“People may be exactly the same size and yet have completely different numbers when you’re talking about hydration”


We hope you enjoy this conversation.


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