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Women's Arc'teryx Rain Jacket Overview

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 06 Aug 2021

Staying dry is so important to keep your body performing wilder and your mind playing wilder. Gear can be technical and the names at times overwhelming. Ever wondered what all of these abbreviations actually mean? We’re starting with Women’s Rain Wear. First things first, GTX stands for Gore-Tex, which is a lightweight and waterproof material. Arc'teryx has product families (Beta, Alpha, Norvan) and product modifiers (AR, LT, SL) that describe the product and its intended use. 

  • Beta: Versatile high performance for diverse activities and conditions as well as everyday wear
  • Alpha: Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Expedition
  • Norvan - Trail Running 


  • AR = for All Around, provides high performance & weather protection and highlights a range of features to give All Around versatility in multiple activities. 
  • LT = lightweight, and serves as a high performance, minimalist design that is durable for its weight. 
  • SL = superlight materials and design, emphasizing light weight and packability over durability. 

Beta AR GTX - 410g 

Packable, breathable, durable waterproof protection across the spectrum of alpine environments and activities.


  • Its hybrid construction uses two types of GORE-TEX PRO – Most Breathable and Most Rugged Technologies – to offer core comfort with hardwearing reinforcements in key areas
  • The helmet compatible DropHood™ has an internal collar for added protection and an embedded RECCO® reflector improves searchability in emergency situations.
  • The helmet compatible DropHood™ has an internal collar for added protection and an embedded RECCO® reflector improves searchability in emergency situations.
  • Pit zips for ventilation
  • Fit: Hip Length

Activities: Versatile high performance designs for diverse activities and conditions.

Alpha AR GTX Pro - 340g 

The Alpha AR Jacket is an intelligently designed hardshell made for a wide range of alpine situations.


  • Two types of GORE-TEX PRO – Most Rugged and Most Breathable Technologies – combine to deliver outstanding durability and exceptional comfort. 
  • The helmet compatible StormHood™ delivers full protection
  • A RECCO® reflector aids search and rescue in emergency situations
  • Pit zips for ventilation 
  • Chest Pockets for easy access, sitting higher than other styles
Activities: Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Expedition

Beta LT GTX - 350g

  • Lightweight, durable, bluesign® approved GORE-TEX protection across a range of activities. The helmet compatible StormHood™ gives full coverage without impeding sight lines and pit zips provide rapid ventilation. The women’s-specific trim fit puts the GORE-TEX close to the body to maximize breathability and a longer hem extends coverage and fits comfortably under a harness.
  • Helmet Compatible StormHood™ 
  • Pit zips for ventilation 
  • Hip length 
Activities - Everyday comfort, hiking, climbing
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