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The Fun Scale

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 29 Sep 2021

Hey wilder ones! I'm Alissa, one of the newer Find Your Feet team members. As an avid hiker, I've had my fair share of glorious days, coupled with many mishaps. 

Back in March of this year, I completed the Western Arthur's Traverse. We aimed to complete the track over six days. We knew at some point we were going to have patchy weather, we just didn't quite realise how poor it was about to be. As we were heading in, we passed many walkers who hadn't seen a drop of rain over their trips, but we knew we wouldn't be as lucky. Across the state, Tasmania got slammed with rain. Remember those few days where Hobart received some 50mm of rain over two days? Ahhhh, yes. Those were the last few days of our trip, coming off the range. On day 5, we awoke to just constant rain and knew we weren't up for another night in this kind of weather. So we made our instant oats, put on our wet weather gear, packed up our bags and were about to set off. And then I realised I couldn't find my phone. I dabbled with the idea of walking without my phone. But I had been checking Avenza maps to track our progress and thought having a podcast or some music to listen to might be beneficial despite having not listened to anything the past few days. So I regrettably unpacked my backpack, unpacked all of my gear to get to the very bottom of my bag, opened up my sleeping bag and found my phone wedged somewhere within the dry sack. Day 5 included some 26km of walking over 11 hours, wading through trails that more closely resembled streams. The areas that did have board walks were often fully submerged. This was a character building day. I will never forget that feeling of seeing my car in the carpark after stepping off the trail. I stripped off my wet gear, changed into dry clothes, dry socks and slipped into dry shoes. But my brain couldn't fathom this concept, so as I drove home, I felt water swishing in my very dry shoes, which was such a weird sensation. This day closely resembled Type III Fun. 

So let's break down the types of fun. When sharing stories, it's easy to classify these experiences based on the Fun Scale. This includes Type I, Type II, and Type III fun. Knowing the team here at Find Your Feet and the many wilder adventures they have been on themselves, I asked them to contribute a few photos themselves and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. 

Type I

This is your plain and simple fun, where you enjoy yourself during the activity. This is where everything goes to plan. Weather is on your side, you remembered all of your gear and you experience the most amazing of views. 

Naomi made her way up a mountain one night after work, enjoyed the fresh air all to be back in town and at work by 9am. 

Mel hit the slopes with absolute blue bird conditions. 

Jane taking in the fresh powder

Type II

This is your type of fun that while it's happening, you are not enjoying yourself, but in hindsight you are able to see the enjoyment. This is maybe the most common type of fun. These plans always start out with the best of intentions, but maybe your ambition gets the best of you and you push yourself a little more than you had anticipated. 

Anaya also found the treacherous conditions of the Port Davey Track heading to the Western Arthur's Traverse

Rowland takes on mud heading towards Frenchman's Cap

Type III

This type of fun, isn't really fun at all. You're miserable while it's happening and when looking back on the experience you can't pick out moments of fun either. 

I (Alissa) had a slip on a trail last year and ending up having a stick puncture my eyelid, this wasn't overly fun, but more on that story another time.  


Now that some time has passed, my experience with the last day on the Western Arthur's sometimes slips into the category of Type II fun faltering from Type III as the rose coloured glasses get placed on. 

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