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Find Your Feet Turns 10

by Afterpay Integration 15 Dec 2019
In the lead up to Find Your Feet's 10th birthday party we asked founder Hanny Allston some questions about the wild adventure of the creation and growth of Find Your Feet over the years, what the future may look like, and naturally what her favourite type of cake is, because what's a birthday party without cake?! Enjoy!
Hanny Allston blowing confetti towards the camera
What did Find Your Feet look like in the beginning?
A laminated sign nailed to my mother’s back fence on the Pipeline Track advertising adult running classes in Hobart’s parks. I charged $5 per run and on Day 1, the only lady who turned up was someone who I had begged to come. I didn’t have the heart to charge her so we just trotted around together and I earned $0 on Day 1. From here we evolved into some trips away, then life coaching, before focussing on trail running camps and tours, then finally our first retail store in Hobart in 2014!
Why Tasmania?
We both grew up here. It is in our hearts. We both have our families here and we love the wide open spaces, beaches, mountains… the wilder environments.
What product/s do you think has/have changed the most since the retail store opened?
The line up of vest packs, trail running shoes and apparel. I am just amazed at how far this industry has evolved and it is really exciting to see so many Australians able to now enjoy trail running with the right equipment.
10 years ago did you imagine this is what Find Your Feet would look like?
Absolutely NO WAY! Golly, never, I never saw it as a business. Never expected it to continue past the hobby phase. I just thought it would be something I did till I ‘found my feet’. But here we are, 10 years on and I still look around me and think, ‘Gee, did Graham, my husband, rob a bank to pay for all this stuff!'
Graham Hammond and Hanny Allston celebrate the 10th birthday of Find Your Feet
Favourite Birthday cake?
Something with apples in it! I am a possum at heart :)
Favourite event Find Your Feet ‘pops up’ at during the year (UTA, Endorphin runs, Margaret River)
The low-key ones. The ones where there is Mum, Dad, the kids, grandparents, friends, dogs… because for me that is where it all started. Travelling to Flinders Island off the north-east coast of Tassie was a pretty amazing experience. They entered the dogs in the events so it made the start lists look even healthier! Fabulous fun.
Most challenging thing about owning a retail store while trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle?
Yeah, great question as it really wrestles with my values about minimalising, minimising, and treading gently on the planet. But we try to source the most ethical and built-to-last products that we can, and to ensure that we are not selling for the sake of selling. When I step far enough back I know that I am doing this to help people to get out into the wilder spaces, to appreciate what we have and to feel empowered. When you do, you only want to see it protected even more. So in our own way, we are doing our bit for the planet.
What do you think Find Your Feet will look like in another 10 years?
I actually have NO IDEA. I am not that business-brain with massive business, marketing or strategic plans. In my experience, you do this only to find that the next day presents another crazy opportunity. But I do hope to see the community even more immersed in what we have, in playing wilder, in thriving together and ensuring that the state of the planet becomes healthier for our children, and their children.
What about the store are you most proud of? 
The Team we have built who help us to service the community. From our guides to our retail team, we are just so close and so strong together. There are no egos, no conflicts. Just a super dedicated group of active individuals driven to get others outdoors at their best. It is so inspiring to watch them all at work.
But of course, I am also proud of the thousands of individuals I have helped. To see them flourish brings warmth to my heart.
How does something you’ve created from scratch having a 10th birthday make you feel?
Baffled and amused, like I am left wondering how fast time has flown! And yet I look back at the early photos and think, in many ways, nothing has changed. The motivation, the drive, the excitement to bound out of bed every day and get in the thick of helping others thrive. I love that I love it so much still.
Hanny Allston sits on the floor, surrounded by brightly coloured confetti
We'd absolutely love for you to join us at our Birthday Party!  Follow the link for all the details and to RSVP!
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