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Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody Review - Chris Price

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 30 Oct 2019

Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody

What Arc’teryx say about the Atom LT Hoody:

This trim hybrid hoody is designed as an active-use insulation layer, providing vital core warmth with liberal mobility and breathability. Lightweight and compressible, the Atom LT Hoody features Coreloft™ insulation in the torso, arms and hood. The side panels and underarms feature smooth faced, air permeable fleece stretch for ventilation. A wind and moisture resistant outer shell extends stand-alone usability.

In summary:

  • Long-lasting ability to shed moisture while regulating temperature during exertion.

  • High performance, minimalist design that is durable for its weight and compressibility.

  • Quick dry times and retains warmth when damp.

  • All the comfort of a sleeping bag, but it feels weightless.

I love the statement “All the comfort of a sleeping bag, but it feels weightless.” It’s so true! I’ve had my red Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody for over a year now and I can confidently say I have worn it for 250+ days. When something works, and works well across many situations and experiences there’s really no need to complement this jacket with anything else. Despite some fancy language, Arc’teryx’s spiel is essentially spot on and it continues to be my favourite piece of clothing.

I’d been looking for a nice versatile jacket for some time. My heavier Prana jacket serves its purpose for those really bitter Hobart days when you only go outside for necessity, but in general I would get too hot and feel restricted as soon as I started to move about, carrying the kids or even taking the shopping up the steps to the front door.

Arc’teryx had never been a brand that I had considered as I felt it was too expensive. That was my perception anyway, but when I started comparing brands I was surprised to see the price points were very similar. Don’t get me wrong, you are still paying a reasonable amount for a jacket but when I consider how much use it's now had and how versatile its use has been, it’s money well spent. Eventually, I narrowed my selection down to two and it was on the advice of the Find Your Feet staff that I went with the Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody.

They know their stuff. My Atom Hoody is essentially an extension of me and who I am.

In the year that I’ve had my Atom Hoody I’ve washed it once. I do take very good care of my possessions but with two kids, two dogs and a very active lifestyle I was surprised on reflection of its sustained condition - a testament to its durability. It was only after I spoke to my wife about writing a review that she mentioned I should probably wash it to test that aspect of its life - yep, good point! I can now say washing it proved no obstacle and after hanging it to dry the qualities were unchanged. Still its sleeping bag comfort and weightless self.

My Atom Hoody has been my “warm-up companion” before a trail run, my “walk the kids to school” essential item, my “travel buddy” and my “fashion accessory” as I walk the streets of Hobart while it hides my tatty gardening jumper.

The slim fit and minimalist design marries well with a pair of jeans while also providing the freedom of movement and trusted warmth as I hike the slopes of Kunanyi.

I think I’m in love. If that’s possible to say about a piece of clothing and as we begin to welcome the warmer days and we shed our layers for Vitamin D, I think I’ll still find a use for my Atom Hoody - it’s that good.


You can view the Men's Arc'teryx Atom LT hoody here:

and the Women's Arc'teryx Atom LT here:

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