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The Ultra Trail Australia 100/50 Taper Week

by Find Your Feet 14 May 2015

Taper week!

This is your opportunity to revive and thrive.  The work is done.  All that is left to do is to try to find a sense of peace and tranquility in your busy lifestyle.  Here are some quick tips to help you out:

Science shows that most children perform optimally on 9 1/4 hours of sleep per night.  I believe we are very similar to children - running around, using our minds, shedding emotions etc.  Therefore, try to get to bed 30-60mins earlier each night to try and catch up a little.  If you can’t sleep then just lie peacefully as this will still be assisting.

Time Out
With less training, use this extra time to have a little ‘out’.  Go for a 5min walk in your lunch break or a 15min wander before breakfast.  Try to watch a movie and stretch a little.  Sit on the couch and enjoy your family’s company.  This your time to give a little back to yourself.  My trick is to have an extra long bath mid-week and a few extra minutes over my cuppa in the morning.  Don’t see this week as an opportunity to hammer work.  That can wait till after this weekend.


It’s time to start the refuelling… big time!  Slowly switch across from a nutrition packed start of the week to a slightly greater focus on carbs.  Cut back the fibre in the last 48hrs and the protein in the last 24hrs.  Lots of sweet potatoes, pumpkins and whiter starchier foods.  Avoid too much refined sugar and opt for things like honey instead.


Start the rehydration soon.  This involves sipping electrolyte during the day and then adding in other tasty beverages such as green teas, soda waters, etc. etc.  Avoid excessive caffeine so that you don’t trigger a greater stress response.  Remember, the body is trying to heal itself so excess stress won’t help this.  Don’t drink too much before bedtime so that you don’t disrupt quality sleep.


We all suffer anxiety pre-race.  But it won’t help if it runs away with you.  Be mindful of when anxious or unhelpful thoughts stick.  Acknowledge the thought and then imagine hanging it up on a coat hook in your head.  Tell yourself you will come back to it later.  You won’t, but somehow it settles the mind.  If you are anxious try and distract yourself with something soothing - take time to make a cup of tea really mindfully - smell, taste, feel and listen to the art of making a good pot of tea.  Read books.  Watch uplifting movies.  Learn a language… after all we only run for our sport.

Prepare 2 days out
Earlier than this and you are being too anxious.  Less than this and you are rushing the process.  Prepare on Thursday, chill out and travel on Friday.

Run after you travel
It doesn’t need to be more than 20mins but definitely try to get out for a jog post-travel.  I would also suggest lying with your feet up the wall to drain fluids from your lower legs.  I do this for 20mins when I first arrive at my hotel and again before bed.  The jog should be super light and refreshing.  Don’t worry about running on the course or anything like that, just head out the door from the hotel.

In the race have fun
Even if it isn’t always fun, smile.  It is amazing how a smile can take hold.  Focus on one tiny section at a time, each meal time or hydration opportunity can be used to break up the run. Smile in checkpoints and let this be your time to fill with joy from your support crews and the crowds out there.  If there is suffering - feed yourself.  Before you get cold, put layers on to get warm.  If your feet are a tad sore, fix them before they are very sore.  Don’t let negative thoughts out.  If they do slip past you, then chase them down and then replace them with nutrition and happy thoughts. Focus on how good that finish will be.  If you were healthy enough to start then you are more than healthy enough to finish (within reason).

Believe in me
I believe in you so now it is your turn to believe in me.  We are ready.  We are healthy.  We are capable of finishing with a smile on our face.  Trust me.  Now just get out there and run with joy and a fire in your heart.  Start the race with humility, build through the run with confidence, and finish the race with fire.  I know you can do it.

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