Dr. Clive Stack

Dr Clive Stack podcast by Hanny Allston

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Be prepared to never look at your emotions the same way again. Today we sit down with Dr. Clive Stack, an absolute trailblazer in mapping emotions. 


While this podcast may not seem relevant to you on the surface, trust us when we say that you will be blown away by how this conversation can be applied in your life, from yourself and your relationships, to your running/exercise and motivation. Freedom, anxiety and fury are all discussed in depth. We also delve into a topic that a lot of you asked when we initially released our podcast idea regarding your motivation to run (and continue to run).


We don’t want to give too much away so we will leave you with the following quotes from the conversation.


“Emotion is the force to help you become what you want to be. Our emotions control our behaviour.”


“The common thought that someone makes us feel something, that is such a common thing. Nobody can MAKE you feel something.”


“Perfection is about living in the now; there is no perfection except in the moment. When we search for perfection, what we are trying to do is live in the moment.”


We hope you enjoy this conversation and take the risk of learning with us. 


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