Wilderness Equipment Guy Cord 2M (2 pack)
Wilderness Equipment leads the field in coming up with the best guy cord system available. WE guy-cord assemblies include the shockcord head loop, the reflective-flecked cord length and a jam-cleat adjuster. The firm shock cord provides essential elasticity and, being...
Wilderness Equipment Guy Cord 3mm (per meter)
Wilderness Equipment reflective-flecked cord. The firm shock cord provides essential elasticity.      
Wilderness Equipment Overhang UL 30D
Engineered tarps for the fast and light. This ultra-light range of Overhangs uses 30 denier high-tenacity nylon 66 fabric with a silicone elastomer coating on BOTH sides. The high relative strength and natural elasticity of this fabric make it an...
$279.95 from $195.96
Wilderness Equipment Tent Peg Quad 17cm Gold (4 Pack)
The standard peg supplied with all non-institutional tent models. The 4-flute section is much stiffer than a 3-flute one. This peg is fitted with a cord pull loop.
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