360° Emergency Space Blanket
Emergency Blankets are an essential item for your outdoor first aid kit. They can be used to reduce heat losses in a persons body caused by thermal radiation, water evaporation and convection. They can also be used as a ground...
Biolite Rechargable Headlamp 330
Experience top-tier performance with a fit unlike any headlamp thanks to our proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction. With a front profile of only 9mm and weighing only 69 g, the HeadLamp sits flush on the forehead without worry of bounce or...
  • Grey
  • Teal
  • Red
Black Diamond Distance Gaiter
Ideal for trail running, the Distance Gaiter provides ultralight protection on mountain runs with a design that integrates with running shoes. By combining optimal breathability with protection, the Distance Gaiter keeps you moving through varying terrain on the trail. Securely...
  • Black
Camelbak Quick Stow Flask Tube Adaptor
Convert you Quick Stow™ Flask or Quick Stow Chill™ Flask to a mini reservoir with the Quick Stow™ Tube Adapter so you can stow the soft flask in a pocket and sip as you go.
Camelbak Quick Stow Soft Flask 600mL
Stash it in your running vest, belt, or even in the palm of your hand. This lightweight, collapsible flask features our classic one-piece silicone bite valve for rapid hydration on race day, and packs down easily once it’s empty. We...
Equip Rec 2 - First Aid Kit
The REC2 is designed for solo outings and day trips. This kit while not as compact as the REC 1m is none the less a light and compact kit that contains a more complex range of items.The REC2 is designed...
Lifesystems 15 Hour Lightsticks - 2 Pack
These Light Sticks are essentially structured as emergency signalling devices, or just some fun for the kids. Each Light Stick lasts as long as 15 hours (green/orange) or 8 hours (white). They come in both green and orange or white hues....
Lifesystems Mountain Whistle
A whistle is recommended as an essential item for people in the outdoors. The Mountain Whistle is a tough, lightweight aluminium alloy whistle.
Lifeventure DriStore LocTop Bags for Valuables
The Lifeventure DriStore LockTop Bags - For Valuables is a waterproof valuables case waterproof to 10 metres and are made from resilient triple polymer film which close simply with an airtight press-to-lock seal. Made from durable triple polymer film IPX8...
Moxie Shin Gaiters
No more messing around taking your shoes off every time you want to put your shin gaiters on. Great for those CrossFit comps and multi-sport races where time is critical, and also multi-day adventure races. Moxie Gaiters are designed to...
  • Black
Petzl e+LITE Headlamp
From FIND YOUR FEET:  The e+lite is tiny and will not take up any space in your pack.  It is a perfect backup head torch in case things go awfully wrong, either in a training run or on race day.  It...
Salomon Reservoir Replacement Tube
Replacment Tube for Salomon Soft Reservoir's
Sold Out
Salomon Soft Valve Replacement (2 Pack)
Spare part valve that extends the life of a soft flask or bladder, (does not include the plastic part that is integrated into the flask). Delivered in set of 2.
Sea To Summit Evac Dry Sack
Our award winning eVent® Compression Dry Sack was the inspiration for the Evac Dry Sack. It is constructed from waterproof, air permeable eVent® fabric on the base which allows the innovative valve free air expelling capacity, whilst retaining compact packing...
from $26.95
Sea To Summit First Aid Dry Sack
Our First Aid Dry Sack keeps your first aid kit dry and protected so its important medical contents are intact and ready to use when needed. Saturated bandages or damaged supplies can turn a serious situation into a life-threatening one....
from $15.95
Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack
Our Lightweight Dry Sacks are incredible value. Not only are they light but also durable and compact. Once you start using them you’ll become addicted. You can squash these into spots ordinary heavy dry bags won’t go. Fits into little...
from $12.95
Sea To Summit Nylon Stuff Sack
We’ve designed our Stuff Sacks to completely eliminate throat fraying, cord pulling out and side seam splits. Made of 70D polyurethane-coated nylon 2,000mm waterproof fabric Unique tear-proof drawcord top opening Round bases with webbing pull handle on base All stress...
from $14.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Sacks
Ultralight compression to keep your pack spacious and light. When you need to compress your bulky gear without significantly adding weight, our Ultra-Sil™ Compression Sacks are the perfect choice. Made from high-strength 30D siliconized CORDURA® fabric they can be compressed...
from $32.95
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack
For UTA we recommend the 2L and 4L options The new Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil® Dry Sacks are more than 50% lighter than our super popular Dry Sacks. They’re made of Siliconized Cordura®, which is one of the lightest and toughest...
from $13.95
Sea To Summit View Dry Sacks
We’ve taken our versatile and durable Lightweight Dry Sack, upgraded it to oval shape and added a clear TPU window to easily view the contents inside. Our new View Dry Sack allows quick identification of the contents. Particularly useful for...
from $14.95
Silva Expedition MS Compass
Features easy-handling Dryflex™ housing, silicon rubber feet for precision map work, detachable safety-release lanyards, night-enabling luminous markings, magnifying lens, map measuring scales in mm or inches, 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and GPS scales, plus built-in adjusters for magnetic declination. Features: NAVIGATION SYSTEM...
Silva Field MS Compass
The original SILVA Field has base plate map measuring in mm and scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 compatible with most maps. The compass features DryFlex™ rubber bezel for improved comfort and grip, and a detachable safety release lanyard. A reliable...
Silva Pocket Compass
A small curvy compass with thermometer and cardinal directions. With its small size and precise needle, this is the perfect compass to to bring along your hike. Not for advanced navigation, but a great aid if you need to find...
  • Black
Silva Ranger SL MS Compass
SILVA Ranger SL is a small sighting compass, ideal as a reserve or an “always packed” compass. Built in sun dial. Can be attached to your jacket with a safety pin, thereby allowing hands-free navigation. A go-anywhere tool for serious...
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