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Review - Women's Salomon Advanced Skin 8 Set Trail Running Vest Pack

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 23 Mar 2020

Hobart runner Maddy recently reviewed the Women's Salomon Advanced Kin 8 Set Trail Running Vest Pack, this is an item that has had mixed reviews online in the past so we thought we'd find out from one of the locals what they thought of it! Here is what Maddy had to say:

At first, when I tried it on it felt very strange with the water bottles in a different place, but after wearing it just around the house for a little bit, and after the first short-run (20 minutes) it just felt super comfortable and sat perfectly.

I get way less bounce now, no chaffing on my singlets/tops (which my last vest chaffed every top I wore with it) and dramatically reduced the amount of body chafe I get around the breasts/bra area. I found the fabric to be so much softer than my previous Salomon S-lab Sense Ultra 8. 

The super-long drink straws are a bit strange at first, but they tuck into the vest shoulder straps which keeps them out of the way, and still fairly easy to pull out, have an easy sip and then pop back in while running. Definitely easier than the old bottle type, when I had to bend down/bring vest up to reach the water bottles so a bit more difficult/dangerous while running on trails.

The front pockets are good, I can fit a bunch of gels/bars in them plus my gloves with still more room and I have used the little trash pocket every-time, which is super easy to flip out, put the gel rubbish in, and then flip back in and that keeps all pockets clean which is a great bonus.

I have mixed feelings about the big zip pocket on the back. It is good and keeps gear secure and probably good for longer runs/more gear, but if you want to get gear out, you have to take the whole vest pack off to unzip and put things in/out (or have a friend), so a bit more work than the previous s-lab sense ultra 8 where I could just reach around the back and get some things in and out of some of the shorter pockets, or just grab my raincoat out of the top pocket. 

I haven’t yet needed to use the hydration bladder pocket, but very happy it has a separate slip and pocket to keep my bladder in when I might need more than 1lt water.

But overall I am loving the new Women’s specific vest, especially the deep teal/Poseidon colour which pretty much goes with my entire running collection. I ended up getting the Medium as I needed more chest room.


Please note: Maddie where's a size 10DD, so your own experience with this vest pack may vary depending on cup size.

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