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🐍 Sssafety First: Snake Season is here!

by Dave Lennon 28 Nov 2023
All jokes aside, snakes are out and about here in Tasmania, and it is important to be prepared if you encounter one and to remember: Snakes aren't the enemy; lack of awareness is the real killer.
Being prepared is key to staying safe. Picture this: you're out on your run, enjoying the stunning Tasmanian scenery, and suddenly, you come across a slithery surprise. Don't panic! Carrying a snake bandage could be a lifesaver if you ever find yourself face to face with one of these reptilian locals on your local trail!
Now, we're not just going to leave you high and dry with that information. We highly recommend doing your research or taking a snake bite management first aid course. But here's a quick rundown of what to do if a snake decides to give you an unexpected "hello":
· Apply Firm Pressure & Bandage: Place pressure over the bite site and securely bandage it.
· Wrap the Limb: Use an elastic bandage to wrap the limb. Think of it as giving the snake's venom less space to move.
· Immobilise the Limb: Keep that limb still! Immobilisation helps prevent the venom from spreading faster than a snake's slither.
· Call for Help: Don't be a hero; call 000 immediately! Alerting others means getting the help you need swiftly.
· Stay Calm, Stay Put: Remember, staying calm and not moving is your superpower in this situation. Try not to wriggle like a worm – it will make things worse and move the venom around your body.
So, there you have it! With a little know-how and preparation, encountering a snake doesn't have to be a nightmare. Keep these tips in mind, stay informed, and let's all stay safe out there!
And remember, snakes are just trying to slither through life like the rest of us. Stay aware, stay safe, and keep that snake bandage handy – it might just be your ticket to turning a potential 'oh-no' into an 'okay, I've got this' moment! 🐍👍
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