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REVIEW: Salomon S/LAB Sense Tee by Graham Hammond

by Graham Hammond 22 Dec 2017

If you run in heat or run hot, ditch the tank but don’t run topless. Get the Salomon S/LAB Sense Tee instead. It’s super breathable for hot and humid conditions. An incredible amount of thought and technology has been invested into this tee to give you the cool and comfort of running bare chested, but without the vest pack chafe and sunburn. Does it get any better?!

Salomon S/LAB Sense Tee Find Your Feet Trail Running Ultra UTA


You’ll feel like an absolute pro wearing this S/LAB Sense Tee. The collection of reinforced tiny holes across the chest area of this tee creates efficient ventilation, and the flat locked seam across the shoulders eliminates any potential chaffing from vest packs. The heavier binding across the back of the neck and light binding at the front of the neck creates a comfortable hang whilst running. I hear you, lots of design lingo, but the outstanding manufacturing features of this Salomon S/LAB Sense Tee are what justify the price.

Salomon S/LAB Sense Tee Find Your Feet Trail Running Ultra UTA

A superior combination of the Salomon Running brand, contemporary design engineering and top quality fabrics - you get what you pay for. If a product in the S/LAB range has been uniquely designed to facilitate top performance for all athletes.

In summary, the main points I have for rating the Salomon S/LAB Sense Tee so highly are:

  • Ultra Light-Weight and Breathable
  • Sewn especially to reduce potential chaffing from vest packs
  • Incredibly comfortable whilst running
  • Made from top – quality fabrics

Salomon S/LAB Sense Tee is available from Find Your Feet RRP $129.95 

Ready to start performing wilder? We proudly stock a large range of Salomon S/LAB Running clothes, shoes and gear to support your wild adventures. Start your adventure with us here :)  

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