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REVIEW: MSR Evo Snowshoes

by Jessica Poland 28 Jun 2018

Recently we received stock from MSR of these new snowshoes. Growing up in Queensland, I had little clue about how the flip these things work! What considerations should I be making and did I even need a pair?!

So I coerced our resident hiking gear expert, Mr. Simon Kendrick into answering my questions. Now into his 'later years', Simon loves any opportunity to pass on his wealth of accumulated knowledge to the masses and young folk like myself. So I hope you enjoy our Q&A and learn a little bit more about these elusive snowshoes! 

Simon Kendrick Snowshoes

What is your experience bushwalking in cold climates with snow/frost?

Through winter and spring many walks entail negotiating either or both of snow and ice. I do a walk pretty much every other weekend and love being up high, snow and ice are ever-present companions for 4-5 months of the year.


What is the purpose of snowshoes and why are my waterproof hiking boot not suitable?

Once the snow has compacted a little and built up a base of snow, the snowshoes will keep you (mostly) on top of the snow. Improving speed and efficiency. Plus because you stay drier, you stay warmer. And it requires less effort than sinking down into the snow with each step.


Have you been in a situation where snowshoes made an impossible hike, otherwise possible?

Not yet, but I have been on trips where I’d wished I had my snowshoes with me. I’ve also been on trips where it was definitely quicker and easier because I wore snowshoes.


If I’m thinking about getting a pair of snowshoes, what considerations should I be making?


  • A pivoting boot attachment point so the walking gait is as normal and as economical as possible
  • Traction rails so that the shoes are stable when contouring across a slope
  • The ease in which you can take them on and off when wearing gloves.


What features of a snowshoe are absolutely necessary and you wouldn’t buy a pair without?

An easy way to take on and off with gloves on or numb fingers.


Are they annoying and bulky to carry if the terrain changes and I don’t need them for a section? 

Not really, I made a small, easy and inexpensive alteration to quickly attach my snowshoes to the side of my pack.

Find Your Feet Snowshoes

Do I have to be a hard-core hiker to enjoy the benefits of snowshoes?

Certainly not. Most of my snowshoeing has been day walks on the Rodway Range and Tarn Shelf, Mt Field. These are my favourite destinations to go too.


Do we have stock any snowshoes that you would recommend to a first-time buyer and why do you like them?

The MSR Evo snowshoes conform to the KISS Principle – keep it short and simple. They are robust and very suited to Tassie’s mix of snow, rock, and scrub, rather than rolling slopes of open snow.


MR Evo Ascent Snowshoes Find Your Feet Hiking

MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes RRP: $479.95


MSR Evo 22 Snowshoes Find Your Feet Hiking

MSR Evo 22 Snowshoes RRP: $319.95


Thanks Simon! If you have any further questions or queries about snowshoes or our range, contact us via email, website, Facebook, Instagram or maybe give us a call - 1300 584 023. 

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