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Review: Icebreaker Amplify LS Half Zip long sleeve top by Ben Hirst

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 02 Nov 2020

For those who know me know that I love running and I love running very long distances. As an ultra-runner, the gear list can be endless, and It is important to me to have the right clothing that I can wear all year round. I am someone that loves running in long sleeve tops, so I was excited to try the new Icebreaker Amplify LS Half Zip long sleeve top on the recent Find Your Feet Running Tour of Maria Island. 

a group of trail runners run along the edge of a cliff, a forest covered mountain and the ocean are visible in the background

On first impression, it felt super light and soft. Weighing only 164g, I was concerned that it wouldn’t be warm enough to wear on a typical cold Tasmanian morning, but I was wrong and found myself quickly removing the top underneath as we headed past the scenic fossil cliffs. As the sun started to really come out on the summit of Bishop and Clerk I didn’t find myself overheating and that’s the great thing about this top, it’s warm enough to be worn in colder conditions but it’s also super light and breathable making it adaptable to warmer weather. The merino wool does an amazing job of regulating the temperature, keeping you warm and dry. 

a man in a grey icebreaker merino running top and red Salomon vest pack climbing up bolders, a man behind him laughs

After wearing this top for about 12 hours on a warm day, I didn’t feel like I needed to pop it in the washing machine straight way. It was good to go for my run the very next day. This has certainly made my wife Jess a lot happier knowing there are less smelly running gear hanging around in the house.

A man wear grey shorts and shirt, with a red trail running vest pack on, running haphazardly down a steep hill seemingly made up entirely of rocks

Personally, I find too much Merino wool can become quite itchy and irritable after a while, but this top seems to have the right balance to counter that. Merino can also be a bit more on the expensive side but it’s worth it for the quality alone. I have icebreaker gear still in heavy rotation for the past 4 years, so you certainly get your monies worth. Overall, it is a really good quality running top, something that is very versatile and great for running all year round. I am really looking forward to the 2021 racing season, as the Icebreaker Amplify LS Half Zip long sleeve top will be an essential item during my Ultra Marathon runs.

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