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Icebreaker as a Complete Layering System

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 28 Jul 2021

The Basics of Layering 

Layering is one of the best ways to use your gear in order to keep you growing, playing, and performing wilder through all weather conditions. Icebreaker's various ranges have you covered through all of your wilder adventures. With men's and women's underwear, base layers, T-shirts, jackets, beanies, and gloves, Icebreaker really does have you covered from head to toe.

Finding the right layers may take some trial and error to see what suits your frame, activity, and exertion levels, so following the below guidelines will give you the basics to stay comfortable throughout a range of environments. Icebreaker works as a complete layering system, meaning when designing their garments they have taken the time to see how each of the pieces will work with one another. With this in mind, they avoid seam stacking. When wearing a running vest or backpack, you won’t suffer irritation caused from sitting atop multiple seams. Due to Icebreaker's strategic seam placements on each garment, they are dispersed amongst the layers. Additionally, stacking natural layers atop other natural layers is an effective layering system to provide moisture management and odor suppression as opposed to synthetic alternatives, keeping these items in rotation for longer before adding them to your laundry hamper. 


Base Layer 

A black man models dark blue thermal underwear. A white woman models maroon thermal underwear.

This is the item you have against your skin and wicks away moisture to keep you warm. Merino is a very common base layer as it does a great job of regulating heat, keeping you warm in colder months, and cool in those warmer temperatures. Choose from Icebreaker's 150, 200, and 260 weighted base layers to regulate your heat on any adventure. Keep in mind, the higher the number the warmer you’ll be. Fit also plays an important role in keeping you warm, so keep your base layers snug to your skin for a cozy feeling all day long.


First Layer

icebreaker merino first layers. A man wear a black shirt with a line drawn wolf on it. Another man wears a check shirt with a mixture of blue, brown, and yellow tones. A woman wears a long sleeved charcoal colour shirt. A women wears a light grey tee-shirt with a breast pocket.

This is where you’ll find your tees, tanks, and long sleeve tops all in a variety of weights depending on the weather conditions! During summer you may be comfortable just wearing a tank, but as it starts to cool off and we delve into winter you may find yourself popping a long sleeve top over a base layer to keep warm. First layers can work comfortably by themselves or paired with a base layer underneath throughout the colder months.


Mid/Insulating Layer 

Icebreaker mid layer.

Often synthetic, down, or a fleece these are sure to be your best friend. Whether you’re stopping for lunch, on a windy ridge, in lower temperatures, or hanging around camp for the evening, an Icebreaker insulating layer will help to avoid that “bone chilling cold” feeling. This layer is your on/off layer, making it easy to add on or quickly take off as your exertion levels change. 


Outer Layer 

Icebreaker merino outer layer

This is your wind/waterproof layer. Usually a lightweight material that you will keep easily accessible for when those showers come in quickly, on a narrow trail after a morning due or running errands around town. This is your shell layer, keeping in all of the heat that your previous layers have worked to create. Icebreaker's outer layers are ones that insulate from the outside in, trapping the heat that your body has been working hard to create. 

Looking to make the move to natural? Without any special care instructions, Icebreaker can be washed in cold water with regular detergent, making it an easy item to keep in your weekly rotation for any lifestyle. Merino is super lightweight, soft, non-itchy, non-clammy, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and has a miraculous ability to resist odour. Because it was made in the mountains rather than in a petrochemical laboratory, it's naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. From city to mountain, Icebreaker is a sustainable option for you and the planet. 

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