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How to Start Stretching Your Adventure Muscle

by Jessica Poland 06 Jun 2018
by Jessica Poland

Be careful! There are so many unpredictable dangers out there in the wilderness. You could get cold… or lost…or… it could be one of the BEST experience of your life. With the right knowledge and gear, you never have to feel afraid to explore in nature again.

If you are feeling the call to play wilder outdoors and not quite sure where to start or how to prepare yourself, this is for you!


Do a little research about where you want to go.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am notoriously bad for wanting to take spontaneous unplanned adventures. But if it wasn’t for my adventure buddies doing some prior research, having a map and solid knowledge about what we were doing; I would not have been able to play in wilder places without getting seriously lost!

Looking up national park websites and reading blogs from other like-minded explorers is an amazing way to equip yourself with the confidence and knowledge to play wilder.


Have the right gear FOR YOU.  

There is no point having the latest and greatest gear if it does not suit your needs.  There are so many products on the market that frankly you do not need. But there are others that are total game changers and will help make you feel much more comfortable while you play wilder. For example, shoes.

Do you need hiking boots, or do you feel more comfortable with a pair of epic, grippy, trail running shoes to make those day walking trips an absolute joy? Do you have a rain jacket that fits you well and keeps you warm and dry? If you have any questions about gear or equipment, our team at Find Your Feet are so happy to help you navigate the possibilities.

The most important thing is that you are outside and enjoying yourself! The gear is just a facilitator for those experiences.



Don’t feel like you have to go and run Federation Peak in one day if you are just starting to stretch your adventure muscles. Pick a local track not far from your home and just enjoy the experience of being out in nature.

Starting with small missions will help you to build up confidence in the outdoors. Allowing you to practice using a map or new gear in an environment that might be only just outside your comfort zone, whilst still easy to manage if things inevitably don’t go quite to plan.

When you start to feel more comfortable and you find your curiosity wandering into something new, then you can grow your adventures to the next level. Adventures are as big or as small as you want them to be!


Explore with Friends

I’ve seen my adventure muscle grow significantly when the experience is shared with friends. For some reason things seem less scary when you have others around and when you’re just starting out adventuring, you want things to be as fun as possible.

When I moved to Tasmania from Queensland I was very keen to explore, but also very terrified to go by myself. Gradually I reached out to new people and asked if they would explore with me, the ones that said yes are some of my closest friends today. Nothing quite beats a day out (especially if it starts at 4am...hah) on the trails with people who love playing outside as much as you do. 

Find Your Feet Tours

Be Kind

My last point on beginning to stretch your adventure muscle, is be kind to yourself.

Once you start exploring, it’s very easy to get caught up in wanting to do more, bigger and quicker. There is no need to rush into doing anything that is too far outside your comfort zone and could put you at risk if you are not yet not fully equipped with the right knowledge and gear to ensure your safety.

The journey to adventure starts with having an adventurous soul and acknowledging that you are going to take him/her places in curiosity and kindness. Let this be a lifelong adventure and undertake your missions sustainably and with t the most fun possible! 

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