From Being to Growing Wilder


Mud spatters up your back. Sweat crusting under the brim of your sunhat. Perspiration dribbling down your spine as that grin… oh that grin… spreads from ear to ear. Out here, roaming this trail, you are performing unapologetically at your wildest and it feels damn amazing!

 We want everyone in our community to share this feeling of freedom and we have always believed that the pathway to ‘Performing Wilder’ arrives when you first are ‘Being Wilder’ and then ‘Playing Wilder’.

a pyramid displaying the words be, play & perform in ascending order

But in the thick of 2020, when the winds of life blew cobwebs and dust over all of us, we came to the realisation that our thinking needed to change. 

Being wilder assumes you have reached the destination

We truly believe that lasting performance that flow state feeling comes when you live with a deep understanding of who you are, what you have to contribute and how you can move sensitively through life on our precious planet. From the deepest questions such as, ‘who am I?’ and ‘what do I have to offer?’ through to specific questions such as ‘how can I reduce my carbon footprint?’, Being Wilder is about living authentically, consciously and in doing so, self-empowered. 

However, ‘Being Wilder’ infers that we have reached a glorious point of self-understanding. That if we are working purposefully, living sensitively and picking up the rubbish we find on the trails each morning then we have made it! Now playing & performing wilder will surely be just around the corner. But then the world shifted. Covid arrived. We felt shaky and even performing at our best whilst camping in the backyard due lockdown at times felt really hard. Yep, we realised we needed to ‘Grow Wilder’.

Growing wilder encourages you to keep striving

In 2020 so much of what we used to believe as true shifted. Our free spirits were locked down. Our competitive spirits deprived of competition opportunities. Our values shifted or uncovered. This made us realise that amidst the storm we had to grow wilder, to keep striving for self-awareness, self-understanding and new ways to remain self-empowered. In essence, at the heart of our ability to keep playing and performing was a need to keep growing, evolving and uncovering our authentic, unapologetic self.

 Day-to-day, week-to-week, we now see that we are constantly buffeted by the winds of life, watered by the rains of opportunity, shined upon by the influences of our closest ones and fed by the beliefs in the soils of humanity around us. We can never rest on our understanding of who we are and how we can contribute, but rather need to constantly be willing to grow wilder… to evolve.

Therefore, at Find Your Feet we now believe that our greatest capacity to Perform Wilder comes when we:

a pyramid showcasing the words grow, play and perform in ascending order

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