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Dave reviews the Salmon S/Lab Genesis

by Find Your Feet Australia Pty Ltd - 05 Apr 2023

Dave Lennon has put the Salomon S/Lab Genesis through its paces in some of Lutruwita/Tasmania's harshest conditions, hiking and running over 400km with almost zero wear and tear over the last 8 months.

One of the shoe's standout features is its impressive grip. Although I often worry about the grip on Salomon shoes, this one well and truly exceeded my expectations and excelled in all the varied terrain and environments I tried them in. Additionally, the shoe's lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for ultras, fast packing, and it could even be used for a fast 10km technical trail race if needed.


The wide toe box and roominess of the shoe were great, and I did not need any time to break them in before hitting the trails. The only time I got blisters was due to my own personal error, where I mistakenly walked 7km down a lagoon in them with no socks on, causing rubbing on the heel.

I became very familiar with these shoes, and they became my go-to shoes for any and all adventures I had planned over the last 8 months. I was able to take on challenging runs, such as a 100km run up the west coast of Takayna in comfort, and then went on to walk for 8 days on the Precipitous Bluff circuit through some of the harshest mixed terrain in Lutruwita/Tasmania.

Overall, I highly recommend the Salomon S/Lab Genesis for both ultra-running, hiking, shorter trail runs, or just for an easy day hike. Once this pair finally wears out, I will likely acquire another pair for future use.

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