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Humbug Point is located just a short drive to the north-east of St Helens and marks the beginning of the Bay of Fires. A region rich in biodiversity, spectacular coastlines and smoothly meandering trails, we feel it is one of the undiscovered trail running gems of Tasmania.

The Humbug route begins in Binalong Bay and follows a weaving coastline trail to Dora Point and the gaping mouth of George's Bay, a narrow inlet which opens into the frequently roaring Tasman Sea. From here you will pass through the Dora Point campground to meet the loop trail around Humbug Point, traversing the loop in an anticlockwise direction. The loop first takes you over an open, dry sclerophyll forested hill to Moulting Bay where pelicans and water birds rest in the calm shallows. The return to Dora Point traverses the coastline to Humbug Point and then through spectacular grass tree forests whilst the distant ocean beaches may be roaring on a wilder day. The final leg of this route retraces your earlier steps from Dora Point to Binalong Bay via the coastal trail, once again passing Grants & Skeleton Point. From these points you will catch glimpes of the northern Bay of Fires, with their white sands and blue water calling to you.  After completion of this route you will be able to enjoy a refreshing swim in the pristine blue waters of Binalong Bay, followed by refreshments at the local cafe. This really is a spectacular place and we hope that you love this route as much as we do!

We wondered how this area got it’s current name. According to the Tasmanian Nomenclature Board, the regions earliest mentions are of 'Point Puzzle', named by a gentleman called  J. H. Wedge, a frustrated farmer who suspected Thylacines of raiding his sheep and lambs.  However, the term 'Humbug' is an exclamation pertaining to "nonsense or gibberish". So how Point Puzzle became known as Humbug Point is quite, well... a puzzle!

The original vegetation of Humbug Point remains remarkably intact, protected inside the Humbug Point Nature Recreation Area. This reserve expands across both Humbug and Bald Hills where proud Eucalypts tower above low grasslands. The region consists of mostly dry sclerophyl forest, although there are also expansive stands of Casurina forests hugging the coastline.  In some protected pockets there are low lying swamps, grass tree stands, and thick banksia fields. This Reserve delivers a truly unique trail experience!

Route Highlights:

  • Weave through Casurina tunnels past glowing red rocks, white sandy beaches and deep blue bays.
  • Listen to roar of the ocean beach get louder and louder as you near the heads of George's Bay at Dora Point.
  • Marvel at the size of the Xanthorrhoea grass trees as you return from Humbug Point.
  • Finish the route at the famous Binalong Bay beach which heralds the start of the Bay of Fires.
  • We highly recommend starting this loop at dawn so you can catch sunrise in the Bay of Fires.

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Wilder Trails The Humbug St Helens
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