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The Tasman Peninsula has an absolute abundance of dolerite and is a revered region for rock climbing amongst vertical terrain enthusiasts. Perhaps one of the most classic climbs on the peninsula is called 'Pole Dancer', a vertical pillar of dolerite at the tip of Cape Raoul. As the sea swirls below, and whilst the seals bark their encouragement, the climber can feel precariously joyful as he ascends, dancing up the climb. Hence we introduce to you... Pole Dancer!

The route begins in the Cape Raoul carpark at the end of Stormlea Road and follows a very smooth, well graded track to the end of Cape Raoul. At 15.5km in length, this out-and-back route is littered with remarkable view points, jaw dropping plunges to the turbulent seas below, and nooks out of the wind to simply be still, quiet and joy-filled.

Route Highlights:

  • Marvel at some of Australia's highest sea cliffs.
  • Listen to seals barking and chorusing at Seal Lookout near the Cape's tip.
  • Feel awe-inspired as you take in the jagged cape, realising that climbers ascend and descend the pillars above turbulent seas.
  • Enjoy the variety of weather-stunted, coastal vegetation which flowers profusely in later winter & spring.
  • Feel free to take a side trip to Shipstern Bluff and Tunnel Bay, a hot spot for big wave surfing.

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NB. This is an embroidered badge and comes with an iron-on adhesive backing.

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Wilder Trails Pole Dancer Cape Raoul
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