Hanny Allston: Ultra Trail Australia 22km Training Planner

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This digital downloadable training planner includes:

  • A 6-month detailed training plan suitable for athletes of all abilities,
  • Templates to guide reflection on your training,
  • Mandatory gear recommendations,
  • 20% discount for Find Your Feet,
  • Regular updates from Hanny Allston throughout the training period,
  • Priority access to performance consulting with Hanny Allston,
  • Priority booking on Find Your Feet Tours,

Please note, we STRONGLY recommend using these training planner resources in conjunction Hanny Allston's Trail Running Guidebook.  This guidebook discusses Hanny Allston's training theories in the sport of trail and ultra distance running. It includes her unique theories on wave training, a style of training she has developed after spending the last 8 years coaching adult runners of all abilities.

Use "trailrunningguidebook" at checkout for free post.

The Trail Running Guidebook contains a snapshot of key lessons that Hanny has learned on her journey to becoming a world champion and elite trail running record holder. To help you find your feet in the sport of trail running she shares her theories on training & racing strategies, nutrition & hydration, equipment, how to avoid the common injuries, running technique, and psychology.

Unlike growth models where training builds and builds with little reprieve, Hanny’s unique model – Wave Training – allows athletes greater potential for recovery, self-reflection, and spontaneous playfulness.

Hanny has experienced the elation of success but also the pitfalls of striving too far for performance. It is from this honest place that she writes this book for you.

Trail Running Guidebook by Hanny Allston

Hanny Allston: Ultra Trail Australia 22km Training Planner
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