Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow Ultralight

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The Aeros™ Ultralight Pillow epitomises our design preferences for ‘light, compact and comfortable’. The result is a 20D laminated polyester pillow with shapely support that can be packed away into a neat, small stuff sack.


  • Made from 20D laminated polyester to be very light and compact
  • Durable RF-welded construction
  • Laminated with abrasion resistant high strength TPU
  • Curved internal baffles create contours that cradle your head
  • Inflate pillow in a couple of breaths with the multi-function valve
  • Easily secured to any Sea to Summit sleeping mat through the Pillow Lock System

Weight: 60 grams
Packed Size: 5.5cm x 7cm
Inflated Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 12

Weight: 70 grams
Packed Size: 5.5cm x 8cm
Inflated Dimensions: 44 x 32 x 14cm

Begin by closing the valve to make sure that water does not get inside the bladder. There’s no need to use any special type of soap. Regular laundry soap will work fine. Immerse the pillow into the soapy water and knead it gently with your hands.

Once you’re confident that the pillow is clean, repeat the above procedure with clean water to rinse the soap from the pillow’s face fabric; you may need to rinse a couple of times.

Squeeze the excess water from the face fabric, then hang the pillow up to air dry.

Do not dry the pillow in a tumble dryer, as this could damage the TPU bladder.

Make sure the pillow is completely dry before you store it to prevent mould or mildew.

Pro Tip: we now have Pillowcases available which can be removed from the pillow and easily hand or machine washed.

Store it flat or loosely rolled up with the valve open. It is essential to avoid long-term storage of the pillow tightly packed in its stuff sack with the valve closed – any trapped moisture (from condensation) can weaken the bladder.

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