Resources for Runners
Resources for Runners

Resources for Runners

ultra trail australia training planner hanny allston

This collection of resources has been collated by Hanny Allston, a past World Orienteering Champion, elite skyrunning competitor and record holder for many of Australia's most enjoyable trail running races including the famous 6 Foot Track Marathon and Overland Track in Tasmania.  She also has a background in elite competitive swimming, distance track running and the women's marathon where she won the Australian Marathon Championships in 2007.

Whilst these resources are designed to assist your development as an athlete on race day, she also hopes that they help you revolutionise the way you approach your exercising habits.  Through hard lessons Hanny has found that always striving for bigger, better, faster... can lead to dissatisfaction, injury, physical & mental fatigue.  Her approach to wave training using her self-created Wave Theory has now supported thousands of runners to 'find their feet'.  In 2015, over 780 athletes used Hanny's Ultra Trail Australia 50km, 100km or 22km resources to enhance their preparations for race day.  For her, the most important successes were the quieter ones...

'I'm just so happy with how you helped me achieve what I thought was an impossible time for me at this stage...' 

Hanny wants you to take her concepts and make them your own.  She wants to bump into you on a wild mountain, taking in the vistas and thinking, 'gee, aren't we lucky!'.  Then, when many, many years have passed she wants to bump into you again where you claim, 'yup, still out here and loving it!'.  These resources are here to transition you into the most playful, resilient and best performing version of yourself.  Someone who at the age of 95 will still be galloping around the trails mulling the thought, 'I am having a blast!'.

Hanny encourages you to explore these resources in association with her Blog.  There are plenty of resources on a wide range of topics from general health to performance.  She anticipates the continual release of educational materials by herself and others to help you on the ever-evolving journey of finding your feet.

Whilst many mentors and advisors have pleaded with her to put a price tag on her resources, she strongly sticks to the notion that education should be FREE and accessible for everyone, from anywhere.  Therefore, all she asks in return is for you to pass the word around about this Resource Bank for Runners, and to support Find Your Feet in any way that you can.  Please also drop in to visit us at our Hobart Find Your Feet Store located at 107 Elizabeth Street in downtown Hobart.

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